How To Market Your Poultry Eggs in Nigeria

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How To Market Your Poultry Egg

Producing any Farm products is not enough, marketing and selling them to your potential customers is another very important factor you should take serious, and with the tips I will be giving you in this post, you will be able to know how to effectively sell off your eggs and probably some other farm products right before you produce them.

Egg is one of the most consumed product from livestock farming today in the world, I recently visit a farm in Ibadan with a total of 15 Million Layers and it was amazing how the farm is run, they produce such a massive number of eggs per day, I was so surprise and inspired, but what really amazed me s the fact that, before this guys started their own farm, there has always been a producer of egg in Ibadan, as a matter of fact, there are so many poultry farmers in the city of Ibadan that are into production of poultry eggs alone and this guys are making good sale, now when this new farm, I am talking about came  into existence, they are also selling out of their 15 million poultry birds daily egg drop and the former poultry farmers were also selling, so no one’s product and sales dropped!

That’s a sign; what kind of sign?

There is no amount of egg you can produce in Nigeria that will not be sold.

I have carried out differs of researches and have come into an agreement and a realization that there is no amount of egg you can produce in Nigeria of today that will not be sold.

One of the reasons why Nigeria is such a good land for starting business, is the high population of this country, and obviously the population is increasing everyday, that’s a good sign anyway.

One of the best business – is the business of feeding people’ this business is so strong, so good, so sure and ever best!


People will always eat! People will always buy food even right before they buy clothes and the rest stuffs, food is always number one on their mind, so if your own business is to supply the food they need, then you can be sure you are going to sell pretty well.

Now on Selling Your Eggs 

I  would love you to determine before we continue how many eggs you want to be producing per day and per month, most young poultry farmers now apply wisdom to buy a point-of-lay birds so as to escape the stress of spending and feeding the bird from their day old.

So determine, how many birds you are going to keep, in proportion to how many eggs they will produce per day.

Before your bird start laying, reach out to eateries, hotels, companies and industries around, submit your proposal and let them know your intension of supplying them with eggs, do you even know that paint industry makes use of egg as one of their raw material?
Industrially they are the ones that buy egg the most, because it’s part of what makes up their raw material.

So after you might have reach out to companies, eateries, hotels and shopping malls in town, Like Shoprites and the likes, some of them will surely desire you to supply them eggs, in fact the 1st time I was privilege to do this, the major challenges was actually meeting up with their demand, they want a lot of egg and at times, I would have to visit other farmers to be able to meet up with their demand.

This is to show you how highly demanded eggs are in the market today.

Another superb way to market and sell off your eggs Is to start an Egg Store, this is also very important, - Egg Store is actually for those that are producing in very large quantity.

Like for the instance; those guys I made reference to at Ibadan with 15 Million Layers Birds producing egg per day, apart from selling to brands and big companies, they also have egg store where you can go and buy eggs as an individual, as a company, as groups and anyhow you desire, a store is very important, if you are a giant farmer like me with such  a massive and mature business mind-set and mentality then, let consider how a farm can actually feed a state with egg.

What do I mean here?

A situation whereby one poultry farm supply’s the egg of whole city, Did I hear you say it’s impossible?

Buddy you are wrong’ this is very possible!!!

All you do is plant like 4 different large egg stores to the 4 major wings of the city and increase your daily egg production level and then you will see how achievable it becomes.
So setting up your own Egg Deposit store under the label of your company name, is very important, that will be a meeting point between you and your customers that are interested in buying from you.

Lastly, remember to advertise, we have the media; in news paper, television news broadcast and radio stations that cater for the your advert needs, advertise your business, and you can also list your business for adverts on our blog, so many farmers across the world read this Blog per day, so you can list products for adverts here and you will most definitely sell well.

If you have questions, drop them below and I will answer them, please remember to share the post with friends.

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