Important signs your body Needs water - Why You Should Replenish it


The human body can not dot without water because your body is actually composed of about 65% of water. So if your body is deprived too much of water it can lead to certain disorders and trigger some diseases like ulcer, arthritis and even asthma. So one must be careful to balance the level of water intake with excreted water in the body system.

Water helps us do so many things in our body like transport of nutrients, body temperature regulation , proper brain functioning, digestion,waste release and so on.Therefore a dehydrated body system is at a risk of triggering some diseases in the body. Many people prefer taking some other alternatives like coffee and beverage to taking pure water , but this cannot be a substitute for the functions undiluted water actually does to the body so it is advisable to actually take about 3litres of water daily for healthy living, you may continue to urinate frequently through out the day, but this is actually to a healthy long life. However you can reduce the intake if it would affect your work, but ensure that your body is always hydrated. when you start seeing the symptoms listed below , you must find a way to replenish water content in your body is early as possible

Signs that your body needs water urgently

Urine coluor

The normal color of the urine is bright yellow to clear white and you should urinate frequently throughout the day if your body hasenough water in it. You would find out that you are not urinating much and when you finally do , it comes out dark yellow, this is a probable sign that your body water is low.

Dry Mouth,Dry tears and thirst

This is quite obvious and is known to most people that when their mouth runs dry , the body is asking for water. This is because your body is actually in dehydration mode, and it thirst for water. You may also notice that some in individuals even when in pain to not release much water when crying , it is due to low water content in the body.

Peptic Ulcer and Asthma

Asthma is an ailment which blogs free flow of air in the lungs due to presence of substances like dusts. When such people take enough water , they frequently flush out those dust particles and mucus which blocks the lung ducts. Ulcer patients are also advised to take enough water into the body so as to regulate body acids and prevent stomach lining , so it is advisable that they take plenty of clean water

Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

So you would wonder how taking water actually relates to high blood pressure and hypertension. Well, when your body stops osmosis and starts diffusion,i.e movement of contents from Higher concentration to lower concentration, then there will be problem. Your body begins to require more pressure to move contents around the body, this is what leads to high blood pressure, due to too much undiluted contents. So it is recommended to take ionized water to fight high blood pressure.

Other effects

If you frequently experience the following through out the day then it is because you need water, this includes muscle cramps, dizziness, heart palpitations,breathing troubles, abnormal body temperature,nausea,headache,migraines. This are all indications of lack of body water

So looking at the above lists , you can notice why your body actually needs water through out the day and why you should do your best to replenish it as often as you lose it through urine and sweating. By doing this , you are keeping your body safe from triggering certain diseases and it is a sure gurantee of good health.

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