Lists of Foods That Cause Recurring Catarrh And Remedies

Catarrh is an excessive build-up of thick phlegm or mucus in an airway or cavity of the body. The phlegm are not only found in the nasal cavity but also in the throat, ears or chest. They usually result in runny or stuffy nose and an irritating, persistent cough caused by excess mucus at the back of the throat. They do cause some discomfort.
Catarrh, usually comes with illnesses and conditions such as cold and such infections as flu. I know people (including some friends), that keep having catarrh everyday, but without any other illness or cold. We kept wondering before now, why their catarrh won’t just go but now we know. Some foods could be responsible for that catarrh that keeps coming back.

What Normally Causes Catarrh? Can Food Cause It?

It should be noted that catarrh is not a condition itself, but a symptom of other conditions, telling you that something is wrong in the body. It is a reaction to irritations or infections by the immune system. The immune system helps to put up defense against these irritations and infections.
Have you ever noticed how people get catarrh after being exposed to dust? Well, the dust causes irritations and there is the release of molecules called inflammatory mediators which cause the mucous membranes to swell and produce mucous.
There are other conditions that can bring about the production of mucous and blockage of the nasal cavity or production of phlegm in the throat. Surprisingly, food brings about this condition too and eating the food often keep people wondering why they keep having catarrh.
Here are some foods that can cause your recurring catarrh…

Foods That Keep Bringing Your Catarrh Back

If you are so sure that your catarrh is not as a result of illnesses (conditions) or form of infection and that you have not exposed yourself to irritation sources such as dust, then your recurring catarrh could be a result of some foods causing irritations and causing the body to produce mucous which blocks your nose and irritates your throat.

Cold Water or Iced Foods

If you are someone that takes cold water every day or like going out taking very chilled drinks with friends, it could be the source of your catarrh. Cold drinks and some iced foods such as iced creams, cold beverage drinks and beers, etc., can cause this irritations we have been talking about in some people.
This will definitely cause the development of catarrh in such people who gets irritated by it. You may want to try and be observant yourself to confirm this claim.

Milk and Milk Products (Dairy)

Dairy products are renowned for their mucous-forming ability i.e. they cause the formation of mucous in some people.
Like it has been said above, all you need to do is to be observant anytime you consume this food. Common dairy products include milk, yoghurt, cheese, and butter, but butter has not been implicated in this condition. Therefore, you can still consume butter in considerable amounts.
When you need to eat food, just check the composition and verify that it does not contain too much milk. Iced cream for example is also made from milk. Make sure of the composition of your food before you consume them. It helps!

Wheat and Wheat Products

We consume a lot of pastries in many parts of the world and many of them are made from wheat flour. Wheat is present in bread, pasta, biscuits, cakes and many breakfast cereals that we consume (often with milk which is another culprit).
Try avoiding these foods for some period to see if your catarrh relieves you or totally disappears. This will help you pinpoint which foods or groups of foods that cause your recurring catarrh. Instead of just using catarrh drugs every time, this could help find a lasting solution.

How Do You Clear This Catarrh When You Have It?

Okay, since this catarrh is not cause by any infection but simply some irritants, you don;t really need any type of medications to clear your catarrh. First of all, get rid of that food that you have found to be culpable from your diet and use this simple home remedy.
At some point, you would have done this to get rid of your catarrh; get a bowl and pour some hot water into it. Bend your head over to the bowl and cover your head with a towel over the bowl and inhale the steam that comes out. This will clear your catarrh and make them easily flushed out of the nose or throat.

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