My Visit To Erin Ijesha (Olumirin Water Falls) Seven Hill Waterfalls in Osun state Nigeria

Tolulope Matthew at Olumirin water falls - Erin Ijesha.

It was a great moment through out the day on September 30th 2015, I was out from school (Lautech) to Osun state on a departmental based excursion to the olumirin waterfalls at the deep town of Erin-Ijesha in State of Osun, I was so honored to be part of the agricultural extension that was previleged to attend this great tour,

Erin Ijesha (Olumirin) is a seven top high hill waterfall in Osun StateNigeria, the waterfalls is a whole new exciting and awe inspiring experience with nature. 

Each step of the waterfall has a flowing fountain that marks the mystical nature of the place. 

Osun State is home to the late priestess (Iya Adunni) of Osogbo Scared Groove and they are also known World wide for their Osun/Osogbo festival which holds annually in the state.

 Osun state itself; is a very nice place to be and to visit, one of the major things that gets my interest in that state is its  "Blessedness of Nature for Agricultural Exploits", that land is so good for all kinds of farming both livestock and planting of various crops.

 While we were living i remember I got a very big bunch of plaintain ripe enough to make good meal (at least for a student meal .. Lol) for just #400 which i can never get in the city at that price.

Me in the Shirt and a friend in the middle with The President of Agric Extension Students Lautech - Mr Korede, that water falls on me right here

Here with a friend.

It was really a nice time even thiough there are many ( in total of 7 high height hills of fountain water flowing in olumirin waterfalls) by the time i got to the step 2, it was already 4:30pm and we need to return back to Lautech ogbomosho so we couldn't go to the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th but i have made the decision to revisit this tourism waterfalls next time i am in osun state and surely in that time i will ensusre i climb up to the 7th height and behold the villagers and farmers living there and the vegetation, also the whole city because we were told when you are on the highest hegith you will behold the entire city of state of osun, the 7th hill falls is said to lead to efon-alaaye which makes it extremely close to Ekiti state, i guess with that understanding, it simply means Offa, Ilorin, Osun,Ijesha, Erin-ijesha, Ekiti, Ondo are so closely related and kinda joined.

Have you ever been there too?
 If No' please endeavour to be there, its a place to be; if you have been there please do share your experience with us using the comments below.

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