Piggery : Feeding and Nutrition Management for "In-sow" Pigs

Feed and Feeding management is one of the most important thing to take serious in any livestock farming business.

Animals under the scientific restriction and domestic care survive base on what we administer to them and indirectly their life, growth and well being depends largely on the Farmer.

Taking animal like Pig for an example, out of 100%, the total well being and growth of pig is based on Feeding, what makes up the content of their feeds, pig under quality intensive care of a knowledgeable farmer/farm manager will do well, because naturally pig doesn't suffer much health hazard and disorder except on rare occasions whereby the farmer failed to take care of the animal and administer the right drugs at regular intervals.

This year alone, i have been previleged to visit so many Pig Farms and the last one i visited two weeks ago was so loaded and i saw over 300 plus Pig, the work load was much, the feeds were much, the profit was much and the pig pen were so many, i just give kudos to the farmer who is so committed and dedicated to such farm.

Once a sow becomes pregnant, she is moved to a spacious pen on her own, with lots of fresh straw to lie on and await the birth of her litter

During Female pig gestation period, it \is important that you make quality feeds available to them and good drinkable water together with their wallow, these are the non-negotiable amenities that will help the  mother go through the period of gestation successfully and produce good healthy piglets.

Pigs on heat, Mating

Aside from other conditions, today am going to be dealing basically with the feeds' aspect of this gestation period, pigs are fat loving animals, how do i mean?

They produce quality fats and they retain it so well in their body, so right before you cross a female or before it under heat period pro to mating, you are allowed to feed normal feeds to the pig like rice bran, corn bran, wheat bran, maize husk and chaffs, offals, blood meals and the likes, base on your own interest and opinion, but immediately after mating when you have sensed that the pig is showing some sign of pregnancy, you need to alter the feed a little, changing the feeds suddenly can be hazardous to the stomach make-up of the pig, the reason why we need to alter the feeds is just to reduce the fat and feed more fibre to the animal, because at that time, the pig doesn't need much fat anymore, fat build up will only complicate paturation "giving birth".

Pigs Feeding on Fibre

In-sow pigs don't need much fibre, so you are suppose to place them on a maintenance ration, just to keep them alive and healthy, some nutrient feeds like blood meal and protein can be administer periodically but not so often, majorly at that period, they need fibre.

This will help them not to have over sized Piglets that can make giving birth difficult.

After the pig  might have giving birth, you can now switch back to the normal production ration so as to help the mother-pig produce enough quality milk to feed the piglets.

Piglets Sucking from their Mother

I hope you have learnt some new approach to feeding pigs both before, during and after pregnancy now?

If you have any questions, drop them below, i will answer them.

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