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Hello my lovely readers, i have been offline lately, doing some research findings and works and am glad to be back with a new gist for you guys especially the livestock farmers here.

Pig Farmers will agree with me that one of the most important aspect of Pig Farming is the "feed and feeding" this makes the whole of pig farming, without which Pig Farming is totally incomplete, what your feed your Pigs matters a lot.

We have so many industrial feeds and local feeds for pigs but what makes up the content of the feed is what matters, pig feeds on a wide ranges of local feeds the ones you have been using will determine the best for your Pigs and their grow will be a reflection of how potent and nutritious their feeds are;

I have been working with a pig farmer lately and he made me to understand a simple research he just carried out on his farm and how it turned out to be like, i was amazed so i decided to give it a try too, and i got the same result.

So what is this research all about?

Feeding Pigs with Poultry Guano (dungs),

So how can this be possible?
 I will write it based on the farmer's report and what have seen in his farm as well.

                  I was told about it and after which as usual i went on the internet to research and found out some farms in the United states are already into it, so i decided to give it a try; however it wasn't done anyhow but i just get poultry dungs of layers raised on a deep litter system, their feeds are often mixed with the dungs so the smell is always there and this is what majorly attracts pigs to eating them, remember Pigs are one of the animals that basically depends on their sense of smelling' So after have gotten the dungs i just dry them up and after which i administer the feeds to my pig for the 1st time they eat it well, but for the fear that it might have adverse effect, i mixed a larger quantity with their PCK and Rice bran ( the feeds they are used to before) and they will eat it even well, i did this two months and i discover a sudden increase in their growth which really of a truth, marveled me, because giving them this feed goes a long way to reduce my spending and and increase my earning in the sense that, i get the poultry dungs for free and even their former feeds - PKC, Rice bran, corn bran, cassava peals, soya residue and the rests are very cheap and easy to get, but now with the introduction of the poultry dung, i spend even much lesser and earn more, my pigs are growing faster and healthy, i am so excited at this discovery.
That was exactly what the farmer experience and now he as shared it with us, so i believe you are blessed with this new discovery, if you are a pig farmer, this is just one of the best information to help you slash down your expenditure on feeding while your pigs grow faster and better,

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