Roles of Moringa Leaf Power in The Management of HIV/Aids


A number of studies have recently been completed or are currently underway
to investigate the utility of moringa powder in treating HIV-positive patients 
in areas where there is a critical shortage of medical supplies and antiretroviral 
drugs are prohibitively expensive or unavailable. 

Moringa leaves contain powerful antioxidants that can help prevent or 
delay some of the worst complications arising from AIDS, so it is a natural 
choice for areas where modern medical facilities are scarce and overcrowded. 

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The proceedings of the 14th International AIDS Conference 
held in Barcelona, Spain in 2002 included a recommendation that moringa powder be 
considered as an alternative treatment to boost the immune systems of HIV-positive 
patients in Africa who would otherwise not receive antiretroviral drugs or, in fact,
any treatments at all. 

Because moringa also provides superior nutritional value for 
patients it can also prove useful in preventing immune system breakdown due to 
malnutrition, thus offering even more help for poorer areas in Africa and around 
the globe. 

While Moringa’s antioxidant and nutritional benefits cannot directly compete 
with the superior results of modern antiretroviral, it shows promise in providing 
reduced mortality rates and improved health for HIV-positive and AIDS patients in 
these less developed areas.

For hygienically processed, potent moringa leaf powder and other moringa products such as moringa seeds, moringa oil, moringa tea, moringa balm, moringa cleanser, moringa capsules, moringa roots, moringa flower powder, and/or consultancy, call Mr. Solomon Ternder on            +2348065387819 ,+2348122964741.

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