Top Nigerian Snacks That Should Sold in Restaurants, Eateries and Hotels


In Nigeria, until recently, it was a rare phenomenon to find high flying restaurants that sell African dishes. Once you step into the eateries in those day, all you could order for are a plate of fried rice and chicken, packs of meat pie, scotch eggs, chicken and chips, and some other flour made snacks that stare at you on the shelves of the outlet.
 Just about a decade back we began to see the introduction of some African dishes such as pounded yam with vegetable, fufu and afang soup and others being sold in all the five star hotels, food outlets while competing with the foreign dishes that our classy people have seem to accept.
Presently, you will agree with me that there is no such super restaurant in Nigeria that does not have African soups and meals on their menu as many Nigerians, African and even foreigner seem to enjoy the richness and uniqueness of our meals. While these types of meals and soups appear to have a strong footing in the industry, I am of the opinion that certain foods that are usually enjoyed as snacks on the street of Nigeria can be introduced and sold in major restaurants, five star hotels and other super food outlets around Nigeria, so that regardless of your status; whether as an Ambassador, Commissioner or even a minister, if you enjoy such snack, you could get a bite right there in your five star suite.
Here is my top three list of African snacks that I think should be seen in the menu list of top notch restaurants and hotels

Roasted Plantain And Groundnut:

I am certain many people who are in high positions would definitely book for a snack like this in their hotel rooms or any restaurant they visit. The blend of plantain and groundnut is second to none provided the roasted plantain is still oven hot.

Roasted Corn With Coconut Or Boiled Corn With Pear:

I can bet with all I have got that many popular artists, CEO of companies and many other individuals would wish they can order for this combination anywhere in Nigeria.
Many of them, for obvious reasons, do not want to park their cars to buy from the road side sellers while others appear to care less. When the sweet corn is in season, for my dad, nothing else tastes better.
As a septogenarian, he walks kilometers every evening to get roasted corn plus coconut. There are many other people like him who, if not for their societal status would opt for it on daily basis when corn is in season.
As we always say, make sure that that the roasted corn is not burnt and charred. They have their bad health effect. Just make sure they are roasted enough to cook these foods to make them edible.

Fried Yam And Akara With Fried Stew:

Well a few might argue that fried yam and egg is most super restaurants and hotel but this is clearly different from fried yam and akara (fried bean cake/balls) with fried stew. As a big man who hardly visits the streets, been presented with such a meal in the menu list reminds you of your past life.
fried yam and akara balls
The akara is made from beans, so you are sure to get the protein present in beans from akara too. Asides that the meal combination is good to taste provided it is hot. You could make a request for fried fish as you would love it.

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