Unripe Plantain And Cow Leg Porridge In Groundnut Oil

I love this local cusine so much that it makes me always hungry to visit calabar again and again
Cross river state in calabar and also akwa ibom is where I tasted the cusine for the first time since then I have being the biggest fan of the meal 

The unripe plantain is being prepered and garnished with cow leg ,what I love most is the fresh taste of the groundnut oil and the crafish ,its worth eating anyday anytime

Method of preparation
Get your unripe plantain the one you can consume
Cent leave
Maggi cube (2) or knor (1) according to your pot
Salt to taste
Groundnut oil 
Cow leg (boneless)

Now wash your plantain and peel off the green backs , then cut them in small sizes to a fine shapes ,put them in a nice pot for cooking then you add water ,don't fill the pot to the brim just mordrate ,like level of your plantain 
Slice your onions an add it followed with the pepper ,crayfish and the maggi don't forget to add salt 
Cook the cow leg seprate till its soft ,add the cow leg to the plantain and cook them together after like 30mins you add the scent leaves 

Then when the plantain is soft and almost turning to a porridge you then sprinkle the groundnut oil on it (I like putting good quantity)for proper taste 

After some minutes you bring your pot down , the cusine is ready and healthy for consumption 

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Seaman soup is loading next 
I love calabar

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