Vitamin C from Food Sources - What You need to Know

For many healthy food lovers, the need to expatiate on the importance of vitamins and minerals may sound more like a repetition as they are completely aware of the essence of including these micro nutrients into their diets. However, it will surprise you to know that there are millions of people out there who pay very paltry attention to their vitamins and minerals intake. 
As I have set out to discuss on Vitamin C, it is my pleasure to share with you the reason this water soluble vitamin is very critical to our entire wellbeing.

Some of the major food sources of vitamin C are oranges, pepper, strawberries, and pawpaw to mention a few of the natural sources of the vitamin. It is also very important to put into consideration the daily requirement of vitamin C which ranges for 40mg/ day for little children to 90mg/day for an adult.

An average sized orange supplies about 70mg of vitamin C per day. This is the main reason it is advisable not to consume more than two pieces of oranges per day. Let’s check the major areas where vitamin C can help improve your health.

Here Are Why Vitamin C From Food Sources Is Important For Improved Health

1. Helps Fight Against Cancer

Cancer is fast becoming the most feared disease all around the world but very few people are taking bold steps to prevent the development of the disease in their bodies.
Many researches have shown how food sources of vitamin C can combat cancer cells and prevent them from growing. The use of vitamin C has been effective in the treatment of lungs and ovarian cancer.

2. Helps To Improve Your Skin Quality:

For many decades, vitamin C has been used in many beauty lotions for improved skin conditions. In fact in some cases, the peel is processed to be used in beauty formulas.
To get your skin glow bright, getting some daily doses of vitamin can be helpful. Women who consume some amount of vitamin C on daily basis do not battle with wrinkles and extreme skin dryness.

3. Makes You Feel Energized:

Vitamin C helps in the proper absorption of iron and in the process prevents the development of anaemia which usually makes one weak or have a feeling of fatigue.
So, consuming a reasonable dose of vitamin C from food sources will improve the absorption of iron in your body and make you feel more energized.

4. Help Heal Wounds:

Vitamin C is usually needed in the formation of new connective tissues in the process of wound healing. If you are serious about getting back from your injuries, higher doses of vitamin C is need for proper healing. This is usually higher than the recommended daily intake.
These are only few of the numerous health benefits of including foods rich in vitamin C into your daily diet. The water soluble vitamin is necessary for major body growth and functions. Ensure you consume a food item that will supply natural source of vitamin C to your body and you will be better for it.

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