Reasons Why Natural Earth Fish Pond is the Best For Effective Fish Farming


Hi fish farmers, how are you doing today and i hope you have feed your fishes today?

It as come to my notice that due to the lucrativeness and profitability of fish farming business in the society, many new starter that doesn't seems to have quality knowledge on what fish farming is all about are actually venturing into the business and running at loss,

making it look as if its a lie that we can build million and billion naira business venture from fish farming.

Well for everything, knowledge is indispensable, if you don't know something there is no excuse route or short cut, you just have to go and acquire the knowledge.

So if you are planning to invest into fish farming, please and please  go and secure the knowledge well from experts first, before you invest your money.

One of the major factor worthy of notice and that should be taken with seriousness in fish farming is the "house system", this is very important, i know most of us will say, Fish lives in water, so there is nothing so special about their housing system, but i am telling you, its one of the 60% factor that determines your success ratio in the business.

Major Factors that counts when we are considering fish farming business success are;

1. Water

2. Feeding

3. Good and Proper Management.

So water is the 1st factor here, how does water really influence fish farming as a business venture?

The height of the water matters a lot, the higher is it in terms of deep' the more the fishes can swim around and have a better experience growing in the pond, natural fish pond the "earthen' type commonly built in Nigeria offers this kind of height for fishes and thereby making it the best so far.

Another Reason water is an indispensable part of fish farming success is that, in Natural fish pond, the dirt and waste of the fishes actually sink into the soil, they are been absorbed so the pond is not easily polluted unlike we have it in other kind of tarpaulin and concrete ponds.

It is very important for dirts to be get rid of in fish ponds, dirt in this context can vary from the fish droppings to the remnant of their feeds, the soil as the ability to natural absorb all of this, so that the fishes can have a good environment to live, a healthy one and no other pond system guarantees this clean and biological processes like the natural earthen pond.

Another very powerful importance of natural pond is that; it help farmers reduces stress, changing water of pond when you have about 10 ponds is no small work, even if you are changing them twice in month, it will be so tasking and demanding, but like in our own farm; we don't change the water regularly in our natural pond because they don't get dirty often, and another good thing here is that, changing water in natural pond system is as simple as ABC.

Of recent, i grew some catfish in a natural fish pond system and to my surprise they grow so fast and attain a 6month old fish weight at just 2months, that is the secret of natural fish pond, the fish will grow better because ph level and some other important factors are naturally monitored by soil and water themselves, that is the natural habitat of fishes, soil and water combination enhances their overall growth even while they are been domesticated by farmers.

Now i am sure some of you would love to ask, is it that concrete ponds are bad or what?

Well, they are not bad but they are not the best for your business, if you have good quality money to invest into fish farming business, in nigeria, ghana, africa, australia or any part of the world, get a good water logged and clayey soil environment to start a fish pond. 

Natural fish pond is still the best for you to get good ROI on your investment, if you have any question, drop them below, i will answer them,

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  1. Hi tolu how do u change water in natural pond?

    1. well, its easy, we use pumping machine, to drain it and also to refill it. its so simple, especially when you are close to a flowing water body.

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