Buy Treated Giant Elephants hybrid Plantain Suckers For Rapid Fruits

Our farm is locatee in both Ibadan and in Edo State ,What we do sell is musa paradisiak
 a which is known as Giant Elephant in yoruba is (ogbagba )and is a species from
 Cameroon which is the best hybrid so far..this are the type of species that the fruites 
are always big in nature and ...and it takes 10 to 12months to heavest ..the next 
heaviest don't take that long before fruiting due to side by side suckers been 
germinating before the parent plantain gets ready for heavest.

We have different technique to plant plantain just to avoid winds to fall them when 
mature and this thake practical aspect before comprehending with the the planting 

To make a successful plantain business ..their are criterial we need to put into 
considerations. Which are ...
2.Land Topographic (not too necessary)
3.Soil Nutrients
5.type of soil
This are the major criteria we must put into consideration before dashing
 into planting of plantain .
You must solve all this before going ahead with the business .
You need to make sure that u source for the rightful suckers which are the once 
we have here..and very good..
The spacing in which u are planting .
Numbers of suckers that can contain one acre which u can finally use to
 calculate what hectres ,acres or plots u want to plant ...


In one acre of land ,you will need 750 suckers planted with the spacing of 3by3 
meter and in between the meter left can still contain other crops like peaniple, 
or other crop but make so sure that ,the crop do not hinders...
The income for one acre of plantain is calculated by 750 divided 12 which is 62.2
 let say 64 multiply by N8,000 equal to N512,000.00 is your initial income
This is the brake down in one acre.
Sucker planted is 750
Market women buy in dozen which is 12 is one dozen
That is 62.2 dozen is what one acre produced
And market women do buy one dozen for N8,000
Now multiply 62.2 dozen with N8000 =512,000.00 is ur initial income for one acre
Thank sir Clifford for Sedulus Plantain Farming
Call Mr.Clifford on 08057761905,08120757274 BBM:534A0970 Your growth in planting plantain
Is our priority

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