Commercial Cultivation of Pawpaw (Carica Papaya) in Kajola LGA Oyo State


Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta,Ogun State

This study focused on the extent of cultivation of pawpaw (Carica Papaya) and its commercialization in Kajola Local Government area of Oyo State. 

Specific attempts were made to examine the extent of cultivation of pawpaw and its commercialization; identify production problems associated with pawpaw; examine the activities involved in cultivation and commercialization of pawpaw; and to suggest, based on findings, recommendations for improved production of pawpaw in Nigeria. Descriptive analysis was used to analyse the data collected, using frequency tables. 

Five villages of Ayetoro, Gbonje, Ilua, Ilero and Isemi-Ile were selected where eight each of pawpaw farmers and marketers were interviewed, using interview guide.

 The sampling technique used was snow ball sampling. Pawpaw farmers were mainly men and marketers were mainly women. 

The extent of cultivation of pawpaw was found to be very low, as compared to other crops.

 The major production problems associated with pawpaw as discovered were; lack of fund, attack of pests and diseases, while the major constraints facing marketing were lack of fund, lack of storage facility since the fruit are highly perishable, non-availability of good transportation facilities. 

The study recommends provision of loan to farmers and marketers, encouraging them to form co-operative; provision of subsidy on input, adequate training for farmers and marketer’s provision of basic social amenities, among others. These, according to the study, will help facilitate growing pawpaw on commercial scale.

Studies by  : 
Siji Nathaniel Sangotegbe

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