Effective Formulation of Local Catfish Feed

Fish is highly nutritive and rich cause of animal proteins. 

For the improvement of fishes and also to achieve maximum yields, it is essential to provide artificial feed, in which fish grows rapidly and reaches maximum weight in shortest feasible time.
 Among commonly used ingredients are;

fish meal is thought to be the best ingredients, due to its compatibility using the protein requirement of fish. Replacement of fish meal with cheaper ingredients of plant origin in fish feed is essential because of rising cost and uncertain availability of fish meal.

 Inclusion of feedstuffs with relatively high amounts of carbohydrate in formulated fish feed is preferred because of its protein-sparing action that will make the diet much less expensive. increased use of plant proteins supplements in fish feed can reduce the price of fish meal. The research has focused on utilizing less expensive and easily available resources to replace fish dinner, without reducing the nutritional excellent of feed.

The apparent digestibility involving protein, energy and individual proteins are of prime consideration for the reason that basis for feed formulation with fish, with information gained for different raw materials, such as plant by-products commonly employed in the feed manufacturing industry.

 Numerous investigations are applied to variety of fish species for several decades with digestibility data obtained for the majority of nutrients.

For commercial culture involving fish, the formulation of low-cost well-balanced diet using locally available agro-industry byproducts is necessary. Recently fish meal has end up being the most expensive protein ingredient with aquaculture feeds. Many studies have established considerable success in partially exchanging fishmeal with soybean meal and other soybean products in diet intended for various fish species (Boonyaratpalin along with Tunpibal 1998, Quartararo et al. 1998, Hernadez et al 2007).

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