Facts About Fish Farming : Catfish Feeds and Feeding


Feeding CATFISH the Best Way.

This is an excerpt from Catfish Rainfall packages. As promised we are going to show you the step by step guide to success catfish farming business even with no or little fishing experience. Guarantee!

The objective of feeding catfish is to provide the nutritional requirements for good health, optimum growth, maximum yield and minimum waste within reasonable cost so as to optimize profits.

Every farmer should be particular about the quality of feed fed to the fish because it is the feed that determines the:

☆ Nutrient loading ( and ultimately carrying capacity) in the pond, hence water quality within the culture system.

★ Fish growth rate.

☆ Economic viability of the enterprise. 60-70% of the variable production costs in a normal production cycle is due to feed.

★ Health status of the fish.

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