How To Manage Bad Odour in Poultry Farm - Deep litter and Battery Cage System


Hello dear poultry farmers, I have decided to treat this issue again,  after i discover that the same question is coming from you guys, so many people contact me from this blog every now and then to ask me one question or the other relating to farming and agriculture so today, the question came on facebook as seen below; 

The farmer runs a poultry on a battery cage system he is worried as regard how to minimize the smell of droppings, i must say here that in battery cage system, the smell is not always much, so for him to still be complaining, that means it takes time for him to clean the poultry cage.

Leaving Poultry dungs for 2 weeks inside the poultry cage house is not  a good idea and is not healthy enough, it can build up pathogens and this can be even more harmful to the birds.

so max of 1 week, you can choose saturday, clean your poultry farm and get rid of the dungs, most modern days battery cage even makes it more easier, with the hollow space just below the cage system.

I hope this as answered someone's question aswell?

Let further questions be dropped below as a comment.

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