Start Making Your 2016 Farming Project Plans Now


Woow! See how time flies, when did we enter 2015? 

That all Nigerians are praying for safe election and stuffs like that; well, election as come and it as
gone, we are now gradually approaching another new year, the wise business experts will definitely 
be putting up plans for the new year, most business giants and successful don't invest on assumption,    

they actually prepare themselves for what they want to experience, and as the saying goes;
Expectation is the Mother of Manifestation.., so be expectant of what you want the future of your farm 
business and investment to bring your way, that is the only way to get the best out of it.

I want to give you some useful tips to prepare ahead for the forth coming year and maximize the
potentials thereof;

1. Count Your Profits and Loss in 2015 : This is very important; when an organisation lose it sense

of strength and weakness, every other efforts will be at zero reward, don't just go through this year
like you have been doing for other years, this time around, count your loss and your profits.
It will help you know where you need to make some ammendment and adjust.

A good example, in our farm this year, we tend to make more money from Piggery and in view of
this; we're investing more into Pig farming by 2016.

So you need to sit down and locate that area where your farm is doing pretty well and focus more
 on it.

2. Learn More : 'Ye a man of knowledge increases strength' knowledge is what quantify the oral
of man's impact in whatsoever he does, so if only you can invest much into knowledge
 and take it more serious, you can do absolutely more than you think you can.

 For instance; the pigs we castrated, actually grew bigger and we were able to raise them 
with females in the same pen thereby no mating or inbreeding was experience, 
that is just a measure taken by us because we have knowledge.

3. Start New Stuffs : This is splited into 2 categories, there are some that what they are doing is not 
the best for them, imagine  a lady that hates the smell of pig's pen and other stuffs, there is no how
she can handle pig business.

 So if you think you don't really like what you are doing, then this might just be the best time to
make a switch, then on the other side, the second category are those that are into a particular farming 
 business because they heard, there is money in it and then after they rush down there, they eventually find 
out, it's not what they were actually told in the first place, so such kind of people can also make a switch.

4.  Start Up Some Ventures Now : I have seen some aspirant farmers with so much enthusiasm, they keep 
postponing the whole thing, - " i will start my farm by so so so time", the major disadvantage of
doing this is that, you will Never find a sweet thing to do it, just like for instance; i am not
so free but out of my busy schedule, i take time out to write articles for farmers on this Blog.
It is not always convenient but i must write to help meet somebody's need.

So if you really want to do anything of important in Agriculture and Farming!!
 The time is now!
Start planning now, start making moves from now.

I will still be dropping more posts on executing all your plans for maximum profits in 2016.

I wish you a successful farming year, happy Christmas and new year in advance.

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