Step by Step Guide To Fingerlings Production - Learn & Do it Yourself


As blood is important to human body, and Capital important to your Catfish farming business so also Healthy Fingerlings.

 So far your fishing business depends so much on this, learning how to produce a healthy fingerlings is important for all Catfish farmers.

Catfish farming in Nigeria consists of two most
important types, which could either be operated
separately or as an integrated process.

The two divisions are the Nursery Fish farming and the Grow Out Fish Farming.

 The grow out fish farming is dependent of the nursery fish farming because you can’t grow fish without the nursery.

But, like I said, they can be operated separately by
two different farmers.
The nursery involves the inducement of the female
fish to lay eggs, which are then fertilized, incubated and hatched.

 Those little fishes are know as fries.

These fries are then nurtured from between three
and four weeks into FINGERLINGS which is the size
suitable for use in the Grow Out farming.

A catfish farming is a major investment operation. And so, starting one needs careful consideration. In between the nursery and grow out operation is
what we referred to as the Primary Operations.

Itinvolves the nurturing of the three or four weeks
within which they could grow into post fingerlings,
mini juveniles and juveniles respectively. These can
then be nurtured for between four to five month into grow out or table size fish suitable for sale and

Well, there is much to learn in this Fingerlings production and that is why I am introducing to you a step by step 2hours on 2dvds in my 15 MEGA EBOOKS & 2DVDs on CatFish Farming business.

For #4,000 (for softcopy) and #5,500(for hard copy) you will learn how to be a seasonal catfish farmer without wasting your money.

Why Learning how to Produce Fingerlings when you can buy it at damn cheap price?

That's good question but many things truly involved.
 When you learn fingerlings productions, you :

* Secure your business from risk of buying unhealthy fingerlings.

* Become Supplier to others and make more money.

* Save more Money. Because instead of buying fingerlings, you can always earmark the money for other projects and even improve and expand your fish farm.

* Most importantly, you will be rest assured that you are raising a HEALTHY CATFISH that will also Increase your PROFITS.

So, all you need now is to call 08103243198 to order for own copy of Catfish Rainfall packages where you will learn

-Catfish culture system design construction and management,

-Catfish feed, feeding practices and production

-Catfish fingerling production

-Catfish disease control/prevention

-Catfish Production management

-Fish Farm Records

-Finance and Marketing Catfish in Nigeria

-Staff Management In Fish Farming Business

-Water Quality In Aquaculture.

Explore the wealth in catfish farming with this unbeatable packages now.

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