What Farming Business Can I start with One Hundred Thousand naira (#100,000) in Nigeria

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Hi farmers, its always a good moment to write to you again, how as been the year 2015? 

Well, i believe any wise farmer and business would have been listing down the investment budget for next year, if you have not been doing that, i enjoy you to start doing that, it will help you to walk in wisdom and proper management, and maximum profits.

So today, i login to my facebook, and since it is connected to this blog, every now and then, a lot of pople all over the eorld, connect and contact me to ask various questions on agriculture and farming business amongst other things related in that line, so this time, what was the question; the woman said;

Hello sir, please which farming business can i start with #100,000 by 2016?

To me that was a brilliant question, i just wrote an article of recent on planning your farm year ahead for 2016.

The goodnews is that there are too many businesses you can start up with #100,000 or even less than that, here i shared about businesses you can start with just #10,000 in Nigeria.

So today i will answer the woman's question inn two forms, businesses in livestock farming (animals) and plantation agriculture (crops).

Before we proceed, remember to read the top most lucrative Agricultural/Farming business ventures.

Farming Businesses You can start with #100,000

1. Poultry : You don't need a million plus before you can start poultry farming business, its one of the easiest to start, the major aspect that will require your continuous spending is the feeding; and you can make provisions for that right before starting up.
I have written some articles on Poultry Farming here that can help you get started as a beginner.
Another lovely aspect of poultry farming business is the huge market, you can't meet it, that is why some Nigerians still smuggle chicken and turkey meat into the country because the market is large and we can't meet it.
One of the best season for poultry farmers to make huge profits is the festive period like christmas, new year and the likes, more people tend to go for chicken and thus huge market, we have not meet the market yet!

Diversity is one of the beautiful aspects of Poultry Farming; you can choose to raise cockerels, broilers, layers and produce eggs.
All of these are super money making ventures in Agriculture and with less than #100,000 you can start and make huge progress.

2. Fish Farming : There are some specific animal proteins that can not be far fetch in people's stew, every now and then and one of them is 'FISH' Everybody east fish but right now its seems to be catfish' Lol sounds kinda found that people are on the out look for the fish of cat (don't mind me o) catfish!
The demand for catfish is so massive, it got to a point, when farmers in my town raise up to a million catfish; there are already buyers some where that are more than ready to buy up the fishes.

So the market status of fish farming business in Nigeria is very high too; the beauty of market here is that; you don't have to look for buyers, they are already looking for you because they need what you have in store.
To get started with Fish Farming, read this article.

Just to show you the lucrativeness of fish farming business, you can read this article on how a young graduate started his own fish farming business and grew it to a million naira venture.

There are some stories you read that will blow your mind, am use to having such inspsirational stories shared on this blog, to encourage others, read this story of  a fish farmer, who started his fish farm with just 14k and now he as over 7 different fish farms across Nigeria.

3. Pig Farming : I actually started mine, with one pig but over time the number was increasing and we have made so much profits and progress in our farming year - 2015' so you might need up to #100k to start a pig farm, but if you start with 100k then you will make such a speedy progress

Pig farming is super lucrative, we have not been able to meet the demands of pigs in both Nigeria and Africa as a continent, so it also as a ready buyer network.

You can read about people that have started and as made great progress' in it here.

4. Grasscutter Farming : This is a virgin business in town, not too many people have discovered it and those that have discovered it are not ready to release and make it known to the masses, grasscutter farming is  a silent million naira business venture in Nigeria, with 50k you can start, so if you have 100k you will make greater progress and good profits from your investment, currently  a colony of grasscutter ( 4 females, 1 male) sells for 65k (base on the farmer).

The secret in Grasscutter Farming is that, people love bush meat, grasscutter is a bish meat as a matter of fact, many  years ago, the only way to get grasscutter and eat is through hunting, anything aside that you can't get grasscutter, but thanks to science and technology' as it become possible for us to domestic grasscutter at home.

You can get started with grasscutter farming by reading this step by step approach to grasscuctter farming business in Nigeria.

5. Snail Farming:  Do you know people exports snails from Nigeria to other countries of the world?
Do you know snails farming is a lucrative livestock farming ventures too?
The beautiful aspect of snail is that you don't need much space and you don't have to start with huge investment, you can just start with little, but if you are investing 100k into snail business, you are targeting a massive sales and profits is guaranteed!

Click here to get started with snail farming in Nigeria.
6. Rabbit Farming : When i was raising rabbit up to 50 and above, i never spend up to 20k and i make whole lot of profits then, you too can start rabbit farming and with less than 100k you can have such a huge rabbit farm within a short period of time and grow it bigger and bigger to make profits.
Read here how to start rabbit farming in Nigeria.
Other Crop Farming Business You can start with #100k or less by 2016'

1. Cucumber Farming
2. Onion farming
3. Orchard farming
4. cashew Farming
5. Pawpaw Farming
6. Pineapple Farming
7. Vegetable Farming
8. Maize Farming
9. Cowpea Farming
10. Yam Farming
11. Plaintain Farming
12. Water Melon

Most of my readers that are conversant with my Blog, knows that I love to share success stories of farmers all around the world, you would like to read this inspirational success story of a pawpaw farmer, read it here

Those are the lists i can remember for now, but if you desire more agricultural business Idea, you can check here for 30 others.

If you have questions, kindly drop it below, if you want to add more to this list you can do so by dropping a comment, Thanks.

If you are not so interested in the above list, then you can consider starting a potato chips business or becoming a livestock feeds distributor in Nigeria.

Click here to read list of best Agriculture and Livestock farming Business You can Start in Nigeria.

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  1. Thanks Matthew l really appreciate ur response to d question asked by d woman who says "what is d agricultural buz DAT she can venture in2 in 2016 with N100k" may d good Lord continue 2 bless u, amen. Among all agricultural crops u mentioned in ur response 2 d question, u did not include watermelon. I hv 2 questions for u to treat concerning watermelon pls.
    Does it mean one cannot start watermelon farming with N100k or wat?
    After planting watermelon, how does it luks like in d farm. Does it spreads like ugwu vegetable on d ground? So do we need to stand sticks for it bcos am still wondering how d fruits stands when it grows big. Can u pls upload d watermelon farm form for us to c if u hv any around u? Thank u.

    1. i have edited the post and water melon as been included, it must have escaped my mind, water melon grows like melon itself, and when its ripe, it grows out round, it spreads on the ground.

  2. tnk u sir, pls am a student abt to graduate next yr, I hv been saving money cos I knw dat in the future I Wil need it to start up somtin, pls I need the article of poultry farming to be forwarded to my mail. pls I beg u with God.... ND Wil love to hv ur num.... tnk u...... echezona16@gmail. com

    1. okay, i wish you all the best, have done as you said.

  3. Pls any article on poultry and catfish farming sir need help sir. My mail is christophermoses84@yahoo.com

  4. Good job here Bro. adejoroolumide@gmail.com

  5. this article is self explanatory and well written, indeed, it is educative. thumps up at Matthew! You are doing a good job on this blog.

    my blog - Lautechnaija.com


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