4 Reasons Why you Should Eat Less Meat

4 Reasons Why you Should Eat Less Meat
Meat is an important feature in Nigeria’s food culture. In fact, some people here love their beef so much that they may not eat a meal  without a well-cooked warm-blooded animal sitting atop the platter.
Meat is delicious and often irresistible, however, Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal hopes that you will cut down on meat consumption and make the switch to fish after reading this piece on why you should eat less beef.
Help check Obesity
Obesity according to medicalnewstoday.com is a situation “where a person has accumulated so much body fat that it might have a negative effect on their health.”

If your Body Mass Index (BMI) is between 25 and 29.9 you are considered overweight and meat serves as fuel for obesity. To stay within safe weight boundaries, checking the size of beef on your plate can help you live longer.
Reduce Cancer Risk
Processed meat was recently declared carcinogenic, i.e. has the possibility of causing cancer, by the World Health Organization.
According to the BBC, processed foods such as meat “have been modified to either extend its shelf life or change the taste through smoking, curing, or adding salt or preservatives.”
Some examples of processed meat are sausage, hot dog, shawarma, and corned beef and they are often loaded with toxic substances. If you are addicted to processed meat, it is time to re-think.
To improve your health
If you stay away from eating too much meat, you are less likely to develop cardiovascular diseases. Complement this lifestyle by eating right and you will be guaranteed a healthy life.
Diabetes Risk
The consumption of processed meat may increase your chances of being diabetic. This was scientifically proven in 2010 when it was found that processed meats are closely associated with heart and gallbladder problems. Therefore, the lower you ingest processed meat, the less prone you are to diabetes.

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