Best Local Nigeria Dishes; Lists of Nigeria Food Recipes with Pictures

We have a whole lot of awesome Beautiful dishes from Nigeria and today i will be listing some of them here for you to know and see.
1.Isi ewu - 
2.Afang soup
4.Afang + iyan

More pictures below.
4.Boiled plantains

More and more...
1.Bitterleaf soup
3.Bole & fish
4.Bole and roasted fish

Sooooooooo yummy

1.Chin chin (what is d local name for chin chin?lol..Just curious)
2.Coconut rice

More,more and more....

1. Eba and efo riro


3.Edikaikong & fufu

4.Egusi soup and eba

So delicious...
1.Egusi soup
2.Fish pepper soup
3.Egusi soup with white rice
4.Fish and turkey stew

I love my nigerian dishes

1.Jollof rice in Nigerian way

2.Fried plantains

3. Fried rice

4.Fried whiting fish

1.Gbegiri & ewedu

2.Fried chicken


4.Ila asepo & iyan

1.Shrimp & fish pepper soup

2.Meat stew

3.Moi moi


1.Rice and beans

2.Ogbono soup

3.Nkwobi + orisirisi

4.Ofe owerri

I believe Nigerian women is the BEST in africa when it comes to cooking.

Here i just gave you lists of some super best local meals in nigeria with pictures, kindly encourage our effort by sharing it with your friends.

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