Best Nigeria Christmas Food Recipe to Embrace This Season

Its Christmas season once more......Oh yeah!!! The season of jollification, Giving, Sharing and Caring. During this time of the year, there's usually lots and lots of goodies to look forward to especially the food. Time and time again, i've had to ponder on what to prepare for christmas. So instead of pondering, i decided to outline popular simple Nigerian Christmas meal recipes & ideas to make this festive season memorable for family and friends. Thank me later........ ;)

♥ Nigerian Jollof rice
Jollof rice is one of the most popular nigerian meals and the nigerian favorite for occasions like christmas. It is easy to prepare especially during rush hour Christmas mornings when you have to prepare everything quickly before guests arrive.
♥ Nigerian Fried rice
I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to place fried rice beside Jollof rice. Makes a wonderful combination I must say. This is an easy Nigerian Christmas dish to make. Just chop up the vegetables, prepare your stock and you are good to go. Plus, it sure does make Christmas day colorful and the aroma is “Fantabulous”.
Nigerian fried rice
Coconut rice
This rice dish is sure to put a smile on the faces of your guests and it'd keep them asking for more. It could also be used as a substitute for jollof rice or fried rice
Coconut Rice
Other dishes
Basmati Seafood Rice
Ofada Rice
Nigerian style Couscous

♥ White rice and Stew/Sauces
Now this is another popular dish for the festive season. The good thing about white rice and stew is, the Surplus stew can be reserved for another day unlike other rice dishes that don’t taste the same if kept for more than the first and second day. Some popular stew recipes made during Xmas are: Veggie chicken Gravy Sauce, Tomato Stew, Vegetable stew…….The list goes on and on.
 Veggie chicken Gravy Sauce
Nigerian Beef Stew
Capsicum Tomato Sauce with meatballs
Vegetable stew"Efo riro"
Vegetable egg Sauce
♥ Roast/Fried Chicken /Fish or Peppered Snails 
Like for real………..Who celebrates Xmas without Chicken, fish or snails. The price for these items practically Triples during this time of the year and you can’t haggle to beat the price down because that’s just the way it is. Most people actually buy the live chickens like a week before Xmas and groom it till the D-day……Hehehehe!!!! Naija style. It could be fried, roast, barbecued etc.
Crispy fried Chicken
Fish Barbecue
Peppered Snails
♥ Salad 
Make the season colorful by making appetizing salads. There are different salads you could choose from ranging from chicken topper salad, coleslaw, vegetable salad, Vegan pasta salad e.t.c
Raisin coleslaw
Sardine coleslaw
♥ Moi moi
Another exciting dish for this season is moi moi. The plus about this dish is, it could be served alongside jollof rice or fried rice as a side dish (Typical balanced diet).
Moi Moi
♥ Pepper Soup
Pepper soup is usually a good way to enjoy the celebration. It’s usually used to cap up the festive evenings after a long Christmas day.
Assorted meat pepper soup with Agidi/Eko
cow meat pepper soup
♥ Snacks & Sweet treats
Personally, I don’t celebrate occasions without cakes and pastries. You can bake up a storm with the whole family involved in making cakes, pies, doughnuts, Sandwiches, Spring rolls, pancake rolls, ChinChin, Puff Puff, Sausages, easy to make cookies…..the list goes on and on. Plus, they are great as Christmas presents too. Imagine a little basket full of homemade goodies for the guests.
Chocolate raisin cupcakes
Christmas Fruit Cake
Sardine Sandwich
Pancake rolls
Nigerian samosa
Nigerian Chin Chin
Chocolate pinwheel cookies
Homemade biscuits: Corn flake cookies
Ginger bread Cookies
Short bread biscuit
puff puff
Nigerian Buns
Katty cake
Coconut Candy
♥ Homemade Party Drinks
Make your Christmas party fantabulously festive by making your own party drinks. There are lots of drink ideas to choose from like Cocktails, Orange juice, Zobo, kunu, Fruit Punch, Lemonade etc.

Zobo drink

Orange juice
Kunu drink
Traditional Meals
Got more Christmas meal ideas? Would love to feature what you love to prepare during the festive season. There are other numerous recipes you could also browse through by following the links below

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