Catfish Farmers Read This Important Information About Catfish Pepper Soup


Hi farmers I read something online today and i am not too  cool with it, i had to take sometimes out to respond to it, because i noticed it is beginning to gain ground every where on the Nigeria blogs and forum, and it is the discussion about a doctor which says catfish raised at home can cause cancer, i am not a doctor, but as a farmer, we are most concern in this issue because we are the one producing the fish and we must know what the medic says about it, what the market and consumers are all saying is of great concern and importance to us.

       I want you guys to read the article below; and drop your comment, i will also drop mine
         at the end of the  article.


Nigerian Catfish Pepper Soup (popularly known as Point and Kill) can be a source of cancer due to its abundance in omega 6 fatty acids.A cardiologist, Dr. Jane Anisulowo, says that farm or home-grown catfish is the worst example in this regard, as it contains more fatty hormones than the ones harvested from natural water.
Anisulowo says, “Fish is better than meat, no doubt. It digests easily and it contains proteins. However, catfish is not really a good option, especially the ones they sell these days, which are cultivated with hormonal feeds that are filled with steroids and other fattening chemicals just to make them profitable. These chemicals are cancerous in nature.“Also, they contain so much oil that you can almost taste it. Fish, generally, contains oil, but catfish has oil in its skin. That is what makes it so oily and unhealthy.
“It also contains a lot of poly unsaturated fat that does not only make you fat but also settles in the blood stream. That is very dangerous because when blood fails to get to an organ, it fails and suffers paralysis.”
“If you can get the one from the river, which is rare in most cities, then you may eat it twice a month. But if the only one you can get is the one that is being reared by farmers, you don’t have to eat at all, or just eat it when it is partially smoked. In that way, some of the fats would have been lost in the process. Better still, there are some other species of fish that are oily but they contain good fats and are more nutritious.” 


  From what we just read, you can see clearly that its not as if the eating of catfish can cause cancer literally, but it affects some organs of the body when continuously consume, like eating it everyday and all of that (which i believe nobody will definitely do), most of Nigerians eat catfish for leisure purpose as pepper soup, so we don't have leisure everyday, just once in a while, the only reason why we sell them in buck and the market is so huge in Nigeria is because of the population density, the reason why i decide to write about this is because, most Nigerians will be confuse now as regard what to eat and what not to eat!

Don't be afraid, if you love catfish, don't stop eating it, just once in a while, its not gonna be everyday eating, that is what the warning from the doctor and specialist is all about, and farmers don't run away, we are even in the festive season when there is an unprecedented market for catfish in Nigeria so this is not a time to slow down production at all, keep at it, we all can feed the nation!
Love you all great farmers!

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