Cattle, Ram & Goat Fattening, As Additional Income Source For Farmers - Learns The Strategy


When you see the FULANI cattle scavenging, what comes to your mind ? 
They may be skinny & dirty but do you know that they are very rich, 
Anytime you see them with a minimum of 20 cows the owner is a millionaire
You don't have to be a FULANI or do it the way they do it but you can use the modern cheap technology of enclosure not free range to rear the animals.

What am saying is that you can also use agriculture to plan for financial boost this year.

Start with either 5 calfs or 15 goats. How ?

If you buy a young cow for N40k & feed it for another 6 month you will sell for N80k or more or you buy Nije goat at N7k feed for 4 months & sell for N18k , Call Gbenga on 08136650972 or whatApp:08182355042 note that this goats are ussually bigger than the normal hausa goat. 
I will teach you how to feed them at low cost without fear. You can also buy foreigne cow at N145k rear for a year & sell ay N400k they are special milk producing cow that can give you milk that you can sell to many yougort company.

There are two basic methods of animal fattening.
A. Get wean animals and feeding them over a period time (months) to achieve desire body weight 
B. Get animals (males) with low body weight and feeding them to desire body weight.

The best time to do this business is during the peak of dry season around Feb/March /April, in the far north, kastina state, sokoto state, taraba state strategy but because of the present security situation in the these part of the country we can buy & send it to you. It involves getting weaned animals, The male are cheapest & grows faster. A trailer can carry about 45 young bulls and transport to any part of the country which may not be more than N200,000. It is better to team up buyers’s products for those buying fewer animals, that is what we shall be doing for our clients who are interested in this business. A calf use to be N25,000 during this time 2 years ago or at most but the security situation has changed things. We can also help you to buy ostrich, geese etc

Please note, you should have stored silage or hay and a good source of constant clean water, a fence secure area either made up of wood/iron or block works with shade against sun & rain before buying your animal. For the organic cheap food I will teach you a way out for a small fee. There are a lots of uncompleted buildings or vacant land around your areas look out for the owners & negotiate to use it. 
The first thing to do when the animals arrived is to deworm and give antibiotics treatment, feed daily and give them enough clean water to drink. All we plan to achieve is 0.5kg daily target weight gain, if you do that for 6 months , that is in 6 months you will get = 6x30 x 0.5 = 90kg the aim is to achieve desire market weight before December, and there is a good market then. The idea is to sell it directly to different groups, societies and cooperatives around your location for end of year festivities and marriage ceremonies. It will not be difficult to sell during this period infact you cannot meet the demand. Each of your bulls will be selling for nothing less than N80,000.
For goat you can sell at any time of the year because of goat pepper soup are sold all year round & the demand is very high.
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