Business and Employment Opportunities For Nigerians in Catfish Farming Business

Not what you are thinking , in this post am not teaching you how to start fish farming business again, i have written that in the past but today i just want to give some kind of eye opening to the potency of this very occupation in Nigeria today and how it can transform our economy and employ the youth and bring back the glory of agriculture, making it to come back alive in Nigeria.

Normally, in Nigeria,Agriculture use to employ the largest population and today the same record as been kept, but just that most of the active farmers are 55 to 60years, we tend to need more youth in that field, to make this become a reality, the government as a lot do invest into livestock production especially fish farming and "catfish" because catfish farming as been in vogue for  a longtime now and currently Nigeria as a country as not been able to meet up with the demand for catfish in the market, even though we have a lot of catfish farmers here and there.

Now that i have open your eyes to some current updates going on in the catfish farming industry; i want to show you some of the great employment opportunities this business as brought to Nigeria today, so many young and old are now gainfully employed because catfish business is booming in Nigeria today;

Here are some of the business opportunities Catfish Farming Brought to Nigeria;

1.  Pond Construction.

2. Fish Feed processing

3. Breeding.

4. Selling Input.

5. Fish Pond Site Lands.

6. Marketing of Fresh Fish.

7. Setting Up of Fish Processing Factories

8. Marketing of Floating Fish Feeds.

9.  Importation.

10. Consultancy Services.

11. Repairing of Implement (such as pumping Machine).

12. Work Opportunities for farm attendants, and managers.

13. Consultancy services.

14. Transportation and Logistics.

15. Harvesting of Fishes.

16. Catfish Pepper Soup Sellers (which is very common to have employ a lot of people, especially women today in Nigeria)

17. Fish Additives and Drugs Selling.

18. Catfish Smokers (dry and smoked fish processing business).

19. fish skin processing industries.

20. Fish Meal processing Companies.
Can you now see why the government and the youths can not ignore this venture'?

This is a very promising business venture we can not despise, i believe many youth lack the knowledge on how to start, alck the capital but if the government will help in this area, a lot of jobless youths in town can suddenly become empowered and stay an entreprenuer via fish farming business.

Please share this article with your friends.If  a copy can be printed to be submitted to the governors, president and minister of Agriculture, it will be good.

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