Hey! Christmas Food Recipe - Catfish Pepper in The Making!!!

Oh Yeah! Merry Christmas to my friends, and fellow farmers, readers and business folks, indeed 2015 as been  a super year and we bless God for business and other successes he grant us in the great year, so christmas is in the air and we are all celebrating.

Probably you guys don't know I love Pepper Soup - Lolz.... (Laugh) *winks* Oh Yeah! I do.

I was at the Catfish Market today; to buy some catfish for the season so that i can celebrate and enjoy my pepper soup this christmas season and also i went to know what is trending and how Nigerians are buying Catfish in the market to that I can feed you guys.

As usual currently in The Market right now in Nigeria; Poultry Meats - Chicken especially live broilers still have the highest sales and demand, incase youu are wondering why, click here to read some of the reasons we shared here why people are always on the outlook for chicken in their christmas food recipe every year.

Howver, dont get me wrong, we are researching here on other livestocks too; i went out today to the catfish amrket and really; guys!!! Its so loaded, people are buying fish like crazy!!!

Can't be compared to how they are buying chicken especially broilers; but they also patronize catfish sellers' as part of my research i decide to buy 2 heavy catfish which was charged for me at #5,000 but as a farmer and a sharp guy, i negotiated and we agreed to buy it at #3,000.

The pictures of the catfish can be seen below;
Of course; I can't eat this alone, so my family and I are going to enjoy it; we actually sold all our catfish this year so even as a fish farmer, i am left to go out and buy fish outside for personal consumption.

However, I love my work and business.

Agriculture and especially livestock farming is my passion anytime, anyday.

Let me also hear from you guys, whats going on around you? and how is the christmas season affecting your area, business and life, drop your comment below, and do help us share this post.

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