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How To Start A Profitable Business in "Sweet 16"

When someone is called Sweet 16, it literally means 
that the person is young and beautiful, and when you
are young and beautiful, you have many options open
to you.

2016 will bring many options that will help you increase
your income and ultimately improve your life. 
But it will
only be so if you have a positive mental attitude. 

In 1954, a man named Abraham Maslow Identified the various
things that motivates us as human. This he categorized and
called The Hierachy of needs.

You and i and rest of the over 7 billion people living on this planet
are motivated by NEEDS. 
The need for food, the need for sex, the need
for shelter, the need to make money, the need to love, the need for
self actualization and a whole lot of other needs that serve as motives 
for our actions.

Now, how does this help you to start a Profitable business in Sweet 16?

Here are the 3 Steps I have SYSTEMATIZED which you can use to start a 
Profitable Business in 2016:

1. Identify a need that people have in your Immediate environment or beyond
2. Create or Find a Product that can fill that need
3. Offer it to "the people" that have that need.

This 3 step system is an all time proven principle, and principle always win. 
every profitable business you can see around you or you know, was started using this

For clearer understanding; let me break it down, in my society, people are always on the outlook for food stuffs; food materials and equipment, and one of the major food that as so much audience and demand in the market is "animal protein" now this is very simple, animal protein are just food that gives the body protein nutrient but are gotten from animal source and not plant.

Animal protein includes; Beef, pork, chicken, egg and so on.
Now let us talk about "Egg"

I can choose to start a poultry farm today basically to focus on egg production in my local area, why?
Because people are always ready to buy egg, an average family in my community eat egg daily in one of their meals, egg is added.

With this understanding, i know if i should start a egg production business from Poultry farming; i have a stable and ready market and buyers, so now i have meet a need and to even amaze you, those that are interested in egg for their various meals will be demanding everyday, which means more money is coming in daily as long as i feed the birds well and obey all other condition to experience success in poultry egg production business.

A crate of egg currently sells for #850 so if we produce 3 crates per day that is; - #2550 daily, now #2550 x 7days =  That is #17,850 per week.

Now #17,850 x 4weeks = That is a whooping #71,400 monthly, even if you are a working class, you can still employ helping hands to monitor a business like this for you while you make additional money for yourself.

That is just an instance example for how you can look around your society for a "need" create a viable market and product around it, do your business right and make good profits. 

So i want you to meditate on this 3 step system as you enjoy the weekend, look at the 
businesses around you that you patronize and identify the particular need they are filling
in your life.

drop your questions below; and remember to share with friends.

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