Nigerian Farmers; What is the Market Saying in This festive Period?

Hi farmers, am running a studies as usual as i use to do every year, and now i will be done with the one here in the west and some other states, but as for you whats trending in the livestock and agro markets right now or what changes have you experienced which was due to the festive season celebration?

Just Like i stated, i went on with my research, and i have for now been able to focus on one state, which is kwara state' it was discovered that there are more demands for rice and chicken, well for those of you that read about the christmas chicken culture thing that i shared last year, you won't be surprise because rice and chicken as proven to be the major food for christmas in Nigeria.

The same rule as not changed this year, rice sellers are making our research team to understand that the demand is so very high this season and hence; there shall be more supply of rice from companies like dangote and the likes.

Now talking about Livestock Farming; Chicken as seems to be the major livestock of christmas interest to people, don't get me wrong of course people are purchasing other livestocks too but chicken as stayed on top of the game, this is not happening for the first time, but its repeating itself this time aswell.

I see cases of people coming from other towns with buses and some trucks filled with chicken to come and sell at the market for christmas, this shows how great the demand use to be, and up till now, we have not been able to meet the demand in Nigeria.

Apart from Chicken the next highly demand livestock at the major abbatoirs and livestock markets in Ilorin is Catfish; seriously people are crazy about their demand for catfish, there is an increased demand for it during this festive season and thereby, making it a season of harvest for catfish farmers.

I believe one of the reasons responsible for this is that; there will be an increase in the number of consumers at hotels, eateries,  and other places where people eat catfish for refreshment, families, homes are also going to buy it individually or  as a group, all of this sum up to make this season a favourable one for fish farmers, we basically write about this, so as to motivate farmers, and those who are willing to venture into agriculture as a livelihood, its lucrative, its profitable, its not exhaustible and as long as you have the interest, you are good to go!

I hope you are able to pick something?
If you have questions, kindly Drop them below.

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