Pictures :Best Modern Housing System For Nursing Pigs with Their Piglets

Pigs are one of the most lucrative and sort after livestock animal, in the food industry it contributes a larger source of animal protein and a whole lot of people prefer buying it, this as made it to attract foreign investors than any other kind of farming currently in Nigeria today.

Technology is cutting across every aspect of our lives and agriculture is not excepted, here is the modern day housing system for pigs that just give birth, it makes it easy for the piglet to suck, and even if the mother as high cannibalism, there is no how she can hurt the babies with this kind of housing system, it is currently been utilized at Obasanjo Farms Nigeria and other big commercial farms in this country.

If you want to get started with Pig Farming, you can read this article here.

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  1. i am desirous of going into commercial farming of pigs. all is set except a farrow cage. how can i get a fabricator for this all important farm tool in piggery. we have dedicated an entire unit in our pen for this purpose?


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