We’ve all heard egg yolks are bad for you.  I’m here to say you have been told wrong.  Yes – you have been bamboozled, hoodwinked and taken for a ride by the anti egg yolk marketing machine.  Even worse is that restaurants and grocers actually charge MORE for just egg whites versus a whole egg.  What kinda crap is that?!

Here’s what you need to know:
All things compared, egg yolks contain close to 100% of the essential nutrients needed for any healthy, fit body.  The white’s alone just don’t pack the same nutritional punch as the yolks.
What about fat and cholesterol in egg yolks?  Yes, egg yolks have a bad reputation in this area, but ask any cardiologist and he or she would tell you dietary cholesterol does not play a direct role in the development of heart disease and thus eating eggs does not increase the chances of developing heart disease (just don’t go eat 20 deviled eggs in a day). Moderation is key.
Here are some nutritional stats of both egg whites and egg yolks.
Nutrients: Egg Yolks Versus Egg Whites 
NutrientWhiteYolk% Total in White% Total in Yolk
Protein3.6 g2.7g57%43%
Calcium2.3 mg21.9 mg9.5%90.5%
Magnesium3.6 mg0.85 mg80.8%19.2%
Iron0.03 mg0.4 mg6.2%93.8%
Phosphorus5 mg66.3 mg7%93%
Potassium53.8 mg18.5 mg74.4%25.6%
Sodium54.8 mg8.2 mg87%13%
Zinc0.01 mg0.4 mg0.2%99.8%
Copper0.008 mg0.013 mg38%62%
Manganese0.004 mg0.009 mg30.8%69.2%
Selenium6.6 mcg9.5 mcg41%59%
Thiamin0.01 mg0.03 mg3.2%96.8%
Riboflavin0.145 mg0.09 mg61.7%48.3%
Niacin0.035 mg0.004 mg89.7%9.3%
Pantothenic acid.0.63 mg0.51 mg11%89%
B60.002 mg0.059 mg3.3%96.7%
Folate1.3 mcg24.8 mcg5%95%
B120.03 mcg0.331 mcg8.3%91.7%
Vitamin A0 IU245 IU0%100%
Vitamin E0 mg0.684 mg0%100%
Vitamin D0 IU18.3 IU0%100%
Vitamin K0 IU0.119 IU0%100%
DHA and AA094 mg0%100%
Carotenoids0 mcg21 mcg0%100%
Notice how many nutrients the yolk contains?! What this chart shows is that neither egg whites or egg yolks alone are the full enchilada. So the lesson here, don’t just eat egg whites and don’t just eat egg yolks, eat the whole egg!
ANTI-INFLAMMATORY BENEFIT!  No more post hangover puffy face! So eat your eggs after a night of drinking  
bfast burrito
My favorite hangover food – the breakfast burrito. This one was homemade with some spicy red kidney beans, pico de gallo, Mexican rice and some yogurt sauce instead of crema.
PS: If you are on a high protein diet and scarf down an insane amount of egg whites each day, try adding 2 yolks into the mix, it’ll do wonders.