Seasons Greetings; Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Advance, Christmas Food Recipe

Hey! Hello Farmers and my lovely readers, i just wanna use this opportunity to wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year in advance; you guys have really been awesome, if there is nobody reading my article s here then my time here is all wasted but am ever grateful for your comments, shares and love.

All your calls and donations, i can assure you all by the special grace of God, 2016 shall be an awesome year for us; both our lives, our families, our loved ones, our businesses, our farms and our nations at large.

On Behalf of Myself and team at large, we are wishing you all a happy and lovely christmas celebration and a productive new year ahead.

Though I don't like much house chores but as a farmer, i am always at the servce of butchering the chicken, and i did some of that today aswell.

These are the few pictures i could take, the bigger chicken, broilers and turkey i could not take their pictures, i was busy then but it was an awesome celebration really; eat a lot Lolz...

Today as been a super day of eating and merry; had some folks around with family and friends, we had a real nice time eating and dinning.

Eat so many kind of food recipes for christmas

Like the normal rice and chicken recipe.

Rice in various recipes like;

Jollof Rice,

White Rice,

Fried Rice,

Sallad and lots more.

Indeed it was a beautiful and goodwill christmas celebration today.

Let me hear from you folks.

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