Understanding coprophagy and Pseudo-pregnancy in Rabbit - Rabbit Breeders Guide

Rabbit, botanically known as Oryctolagus cuniculus, is one of the micro livestocks. 
Rabbits are small mammals in the family Leporidae. 
This animal has some fascinating characteristics most people are not aware
of, which will be highlighted below;

  • Rabbits undergo a process known as  coprophagy, this is the process in which rabbits re-injest its feaces directly from the anus. it takes place often at night.
  • Rabbits do exhibit a phenomenon known as PSEUDO-PREGNANCY, that is false pregnancy. It is caused by infertile mating or sexual stimulation when one Doe rides on another one. When one Doe rides another one, it will release egg internally and the uterus increases pretending looking as if there is pregnancy. To avoid this, the does should be separated when they show signs of maturity.
  • The rabbit does (female rabbit) are polyoestrus, that is they have multiple breeding seasons.
  • The buck's  (Male Rabbit) hutch should be at distance from the doe(female) hutch, so that they dont get acquainted with their individual smell.
Rabbit are indeed great animals.

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