2.5m Chickens Affected By Bird Flu In Nigeria, As Disease Spreads To 18 States

Avian Influenza, popularly referred to as bird flu which has returned back to Nigeria has now affected 2.5 million chickens and has spread to 18 states in Nigeria. According to the Nigerian Institute of Animal Science, this has resulted in the loss of several billions of Naira.
The Registrar/Chief Executive Officer, NIAS, Dr. Godwin Oyedeji while explain further on this said,

“By the last count, I think as of yesterday (Thursday), not less than 2.5 million chickens have been infected and over 700 farms have been affected nationwide. From one incidence in one state and moving to two states, it has increased and I think by now we are having it in not less than 18 states,” he affirmed.

 I hope we will soon get a lasting solution to this concern in the agricultural industry, poultry is one of the major way we source animal protein in Nigeria and a lot of individuals, homes and family earn their living from it, including the writer of this article, we believe and hope the researches will soon come up with a perfect solution and way out, may God help our business in Nigeria.
  Source : Matexwrite.com

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