Food Adulteration and Its Harmful Effects

                                         Food Adulteration And Its Harmful Effects1

5 people molika needs (food, bara, housing, education and health), the food is a major and one of the basic needs. There is no substitute for subsistence food.Every man needs a pure and nutritious food for good health. 
The food is healthy and pure essential samrdbasali nation building. But the availability of clean drinking some unscrupulous dealers and stockist of being difficult. Khacecha himasima law enforcing agencies and to control them. Some engage in cavities they are pure poison to the report released here.

Adulteration of the food health:In 1994, the US Environmental Protection Agency report, causing cancer in formalin phusaphasa and pharynx. On 1 October, the World Health Organization press release with 004 pharynx cancers in areas that are responsible for the creation of pharamalinake. After entering the body in food and drink, mixed with textile kalaragulo that there is not damage any organs. However, losses are more common in the liver, kidney, heart and bone marrow. They gradually lose. Children and elderly people, are lost during the early, some late youth.The adulteration of food products due to cancers, liver cirrhosis, kidney pheliura, heart disease, asthma, increased yacecha these. And we are constantly extended line pacicha expert doctor to the patients. National Heart Hospital Child Specialist Dr. Abdullah said, the creation of footpath drink polluted water and ice used. As a result, hepatitis E and hepatitis A infection is prone. The color of the kidney and liver complications that sarabate. As a result of repeated use of the same glass as an infected person to another microbe. Dr. agronomist. AS REAL Traders said the arsenic from the lower œ quality carbide is used. Arsenic is a poison arsenic. Bisai in the fruit and enters the human body. Although less damage to unwashed fruits like never eliminated. Save the Environment Movement 'food poisoning threat to public health' seminar is called, just adulteration of food consumption in the country of about 3 million people per year are affected by cancer. 1 lakh 50 thousand the number of patients with diabetes, kidney disease, the number of million. The pregnant woman's physical complications of the country's 1.5 million children who are born handicapped.Chemicals mixed or adulterated food intake can be seen that the symptoms include vomiting petabyathasaha, mathaghora, thin stool or the stool œ disrupted digestion, the body sweat more and become weak, the pulse rate can be reduced or increased. Professor of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Dhaka. Tajameri SA Islam, is one form of urea and hydrogen and alkali. When these chemical reactions in the stomach that produces acid pepatina of appetite, loss of appetite, ksudrante pradahasaha brhadanta and creates a variety of physical complications. The National Institute of Kidney Diseases and Urology Dr. Ahmed Jabbar, said Saiful, kidney Lightweight metal-based food adulteration can be completely out of whack. Paripakatantre adulterated food, digestive disorders, diarrhea and other diseases are likely to be complex. Dhaka Shishu Hospital, Dr anesthesia.Md. Millat-e-Ibrahim, a variety of vegetables and fruits for the production of pesticide poisoning as a result of the khabaragulote is to a certain extent. Which remains after cooking. Without it interesting and different kinds of yummy food and fruits for a long time to save the harmful carbide, indasatriyala color, formalin, pyarathiyana is used. They are the result of the kidney, liver function, ayajamasaha different types of disease are at increased risk of becoming infected. Adulterated food than the people that are affected, all contained in a common allergic diseases, asthma, skin diseases, vomiting, headaches, food poisoning (rrarapha rhararanraharahama), nausea, high blood pressure, stroke brena, pheliura kidney, heart attack or physical "harm.

Fish and vegetables pharamalinahOnly business advantage lutatei urea, chemicals mixed pharamalinasaha of fish poison is dangerous. Chemical free markets around the fish can not be credited. Pirahana harmful to the fish, gigantic catfish, fish crackers Dedara jibanahanikara is marketed. There is no one to prevent it. Sometimes RAB bhramyamana court seized and destroyed a surprise raid was toxic to fish. But the fish are not going to stop harmful chemicals being applied.Green vegetables harmful chemicals are mixed freely. Aratasamuhe heaps of fish were sprinkled or sprayed with formalin were openly on the water with chemicals. Administration and monitoring of the risk of mixing the chemicals one now arate. Since the ground is applied to the accumulation of fish in formalin. The relatively large size of the fresh injection of formalin Push machagulote. The small size of the fish, just water mixed with formalin to drum lifting dunk. Traders in the market in the old city, but declined soyarighata the use of formalin preservative, most shops were seen freely. Aratagulo preservative formalin misirata ice fish on the fancy style. This warranty is made of ice with water mixed with formalin. Formalin is to keep the fish under the ice in the daytime. Patagulo white snow is made with ordinary water, formalin ice warranty is light brown in color.Bakery unhealthy khadyapanyahYatratatra capital made up of hundreds of factories bakery. Each ink-stained bag inside-out factory kadapani, liquid garbage, dirty environment. Spread stench. Around the mass of sewage. Mosquitoes and flies buzz and several spare toilet location. Tin-shed building factories have been set up. Gheraoed old tins of water due to a hole in the factory went easily. It is picichala muddy floor, scattered kadapani the food-content, factories do not have enough light, air, breath, sweating in the heat of the day and night is hot, naked cupasano the Dalai-mathai flour and bakery workers. There is bread, biscuits, grains kekasaha various alluring. These charges reduce the cost of production to the food adulteration bakery flour, flour, dalada, oil, rotten dimasaha lower œ the quality of materials are used. Cakes and Bread for the piparamenta, soda and powder have been kept abreast of breaking. Foam up a small factory close to the dim oil palm oil, egg mixture and daladara being made. Talon keep them fresh bakery food factory production, fatty acids and imausailtim, textile chemicals, including the use of color to be seen.Dedarace being used in factories around adulterated flour, flour, dalada, oil and rotten eggs. Bakery in common is the use of rotten eggs.Bhejalah drugsAdulteration being poisoned drugs. Biyarasaha adulteration found in widely different local and foreign wine.Namidami foreign brands of beer from all over the country colaimada rampant adulteration. Excessive alcohol and various drugs are made with tremendous rekatiphaida. Carew produced Bengali Foreign Liquor liquor mixed with alcohol is bileti fake drug dealers, the brands of beer cans or liquor bottles are filled dedarace market.Rekatiphaida tremendous, ethanol, alcohol, mixed with high temperatures in the capital mithanalasaha prasthata everywhere in the name of the drug in different style. Different drinks, beer and local and international level, the level of alcohol in a bottle of wine with the many folds more people are put to death for drug-beer business.Domestic and foreign brands of liquor bottles filled with a variety of mixed alcohol brew is sold at a high price.Alcohol is made by mixing the intensity of the local colaimada strongly with powerful drugs. Taking that dakasaite madakasebirao insisted lost, in many cases, even succumbed madakasebira is. Drinks with Alcohol and excessive rekatiphaida tremendous variety of beer marketed as being freely mixed.Toxic energy drink and juice:Energy drinks are made with tremendous rekatiphaida Dedara juice and feelings. RAB Gazipur, Sreepur, more than 10 phony Kaliakair sealed juice company that is not going to stop producing adulterated juice. The BSTI lakh per month masohara the basis of large-scale production and marketing of products is damaging to the human body.Biesatiaite have learned, say energy drinks for any goods, production or sales BISTI not allow any kind. However, an application for authorization submitted to the office of BISTI Dedara production activities are performed by the industry. An official of the Department of Chemical BSTI, drinks produced and bottled in any case be conducted on the overall condition of the auto machine. 120 degrees Celsius temperature of the liquid instruments with enhanced processingThe combination raised and hooked up to the mouth of the bottle to be done consistently all auto machine. But the so-called juice factories merry way things are being run.

Masalaya colors, brick and wood gumrahMore profits ekasrenira toxic colors used in a cloth trader masalaya, dugandhayukta pepper crackers (œ low quality pepper), rice bran, brick and wood powder, etc. mesacchena motor pulses and flour. Bangladesh standadarsa and Testing Institute (BSTI) and kanjiurmasa Association of Bangladesh (CAB) - the best way to come out of information. Shoppers are buying not just prataritai adulterated spices, making it the serious health risks. Because of the adulteration of food damaging the mixing masalaya cancer, kidney and liver disease is responsible for. According to the investigation, adulterated spiced with chili powder ekasrenira business mesacchena brick powder producers. Being yellow pea peas, dhaniyaya postadanaya mill wood powder and flour are used. Spice colors, color mixing chemicals are especially attractive. Solder the leads of pepper and yellow colors are more intense. Spice is used to increase the weight of the rice bran. At first, the factory was producing adulterated spices unscrupulous. After packing it delivers the open market. They are some of the packets, some of the seasoning packet and put it on the level of the company to sell some namidami.

Given by spurious drugs is not freeThe poison will not be limited to just food adulteration, poison has been given in life-saving chemist. To prevent loss of water and life-saving fluid has to be adulterated by mixing poison. Kulsum poisonous adulterated drugs sold quack doctors still sit occurrence. The capital itself, life-saving 'cure' is the ferry traffic. Running across the city to sell the cure sarbarogera unlimited hype. The city's streets, sidewalks, turn, market, train station, ferry and bus terminal is one hundred and fifty permanent spot drug vendors. The use of so-called life-saving drugs sold illegally on the ferry, it is more complicated than the disease. Kyanabhasarara kidneys, AIDS and complex disease without varying bhagandarasaha arsba operations is absolute certainty. Leaflets delivered by hand to the sale of medicines on their own. In different parts of the country, 'foolproof cure' most brisk trade. An official of the health department, registration of drugs, there is legitimate vendors. It is far from a cure, but the use of the cure for health becomes a major threat. This is more than the poor class people are being cheated. In addition, more complicated forms of the disease due to consumption of these drugs. In some cases, even death occurs.

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