Which Kind of Nigeria Food Recipe is This? New Year Blog Giveaway!!!!

Hi my dear readers, you are welcome into the new year of glory and uplift, so i wanna do this for the 1st time, am giving airtime to anyone that wins this giveaway, what is the name of the nigeria food that was pictured below?

If you know the right answer and you are sure, just drop it below as a comment with your gmail account so that i can contact you if you are the winner.

So Let the comment keep rolling!!!!


  1. Ewedu and stew with assorted meat

    1. yeah, you are right... send me your number, using the contact box, i will send you the airtime b number because you've won it.

    2. Yayy! Thank you. I have sent you my mobile. Pls confirm you received

  2. Ewedu and stew with assorted meat

  3. It looks like Buka Stew (Obe Ata).


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