3 Ways To Grow Your Grasscutter Farming Business and Increase Market Sales

Grasscutter farming is one of the most popular fast growing agricultural business in Africa today. It is in high demand and it can be kick started with a very low capital, many people are yet to discover the potential that lies in this pretty lucrative business venture yet but for the fast and smart ones, they are already trading the potency that lies therein.

I have written so much article in the past on Grasscutter farming Business, but today I just want to open your eyes to the potential that lies in the business and how you too can make profits from it.

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Unlike poultry farming and other kind of business;  grasscutter is just picking up in Nigeria and you can join the few intelligent ones to invest into it now because according to this statistics, we all agree that the demand for grasscutter meat is on high demand in the market.

Grasscutter meat is a “white meat” which makes it contain, a low level of cholesterol , this is one of the major reasons why it is highly demanded, medical practitioners now recommend it for stroke and diabetes patient amongst others.

Grasscutter are raised in colony which means a total of 4 females and 1male at various prices, like 45k, 75k and more as the farmer wants it.

Now today we want to discuss how you can improve your sales;
Is there any law of business growth? Is there a law you can apply to whatever business you are doing now and see the business experience a massive growth?

The legendary jaw Abraham postulated a law of business growth that has stood the test of time.

Here are 3 irrefutable laws of business growth as presented by Jay Abraham;

1. Increase Your Customers
2. Increase The Average Transaction value per customer.
3. Increase the Number of transactions per customers.

Most Grasscutter farmers have failed to understand  something that is very important, your challenge is not producing Grasscutters.

Grasscutters is a micro livestock no financial input apart from the initial investment in a huge way.

The challenge is getting enough of your ideal customers to buy your grasscutters.

If you have 50 of your ideal customers who presently buy your grasscutter products, the easiest way to do this is to increase the number of your customers (which is the application of law one above).

My discovery of this law opened my eyes and I went on to “Acquire 1,322 customers and potential customers who have contributed monetarily and with feedbacks ensuring my Grasscutter Business is growing well.

There are many ways you can increase your business growth and improve your customers database, and that is “Advertise” don’t just start, it is not always enough to start something you must let people know about it around you, the internet as proven to be one of the awesome and easiest ways to achieve this, you can advertise on google.com or facebook.com and you wil reach so many potential customers who are also interested in grasscutter, from there you guys can exchange numbers and meet or call in real person to make the transaction even more real.

So I hope someone now know it is not always about how many grasscutter you  have produce or how many you are to produce, but you must build a strong network connection with friends and customers, especially big brand eateries, hotels and lots more ventures that needs grasscutter and their business, that is how to succeed.

If you have any question you can drop them below, I’d be glad to respond.

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