Hope You are going into Maize Farming This Year?

Hello my loyal readers and fellow farmers, hope you are feeling great just like I am this morning?

So waking up so see thiS early morning cold i chill on my bed and sense the raining season is fast approaching, what is our plan on increasing food production this year and also setting the stage for the development of our farming plans on plantation Agriculture.

That is when i remember ',Maize Farming" It is a way to go!

I want to mention some few points about maize farming in Nigeria and why you should consider it this year, maize is one of the most consumed cereals grain in Nigeria, there are many ways it can be produced, infact it can be boiled and eaten, when rain fully starts, you will see maize planted everywhere, you know?

Because it is seasonal, raining season are the awesome time for its plantation, though i have seen some people planting theirs already, they are early planters, but i am going to plant mine by march, since raining will be starting gradually by then.

Also i want you to realize that Almost all livestock feeds formular as maize in it.

You can't do without maize while formulating your livestock feeds, so apart from people that are buying maize to consume we also have farmers that are buying it to compound their livestock feeds, so you see that the exploit of what can be gotten from maize as no limits?

All brewery and cereal companies that produces confectioneries are always on the outlook to buy maize as a raw material for their production and these companies buy in bulk.

You can't just have enough for them no matter how you try, maize does not, require much stuffs for growing it, for instance; get a fertile land and to enhance your production, apply organic manure month before planting, or better still apply fertilizers, if you are using an hectare then you might need to get a Tractor to do the job for you and you will employ labour for planting, after which the maize will grow in matter of days, from grow to maturity all you might just need to do is secure the farm from predators, like cattle, sheep and goat, which means you can fence it, you might also need to weed once in a while, fertilization might be twice after the planting before you eventually harvest your maize.

Before you start farming; you must appropriately define your market target, as this is very important, it is true that maize as such a massive market demand already waiting for you but there are different markets available and some requires some little processing, for instance; those that require maize for their livestock feeds will definitely go for dry maize, which means if you are supplying them then, you have to dry your maize.

On the other hand, those that are selling it for consumption, can buy it right from the farm gate and pay you, so target your audience well before you start maize farming this year.

So just wanna let you readers know one of my strategic farming this year, hope you have gain something?

What is your farming plan and record statement for the year?

Drop your comment below and share them with me, Thanks.

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