10 Lucrative Small Scale Home Based Farming Business

Hello my dear lovely readers and my fellow farmers, I have as usual choose to make this awesome list for those who are on the outlook for it and am sure everyone that reads it will find it super useful.

In a country of above 170 million people, the need for food cannot be over emphasized. According to statistics, the Nigerian population increases yearly by 2.8%. This means that the population will grow further, and need for basic human needs – such as food – will also increase. 2016 will not be an exception.

Many people have resolved to become business owners, yet which sector of the economy to invest in is still unclear. Of a truth, investing on variety of agricultural businesses will surely be a good decision for the wise. 
 Agricultural businesses involve various activities, including: planting, rearing, production, and processing of agricultural produce essentially meant to meet man’s basic needs (food). Whatever business tailored towards meeting man’s primary need will always sell fast and generate expected income.

Do you know that you can generate millions of Naira from these agricultural businesses, carefully investigated and suggested to those that are willing to hit it big in their investments in 2016.
Here You have some great option to choose from and start a business;

1. Poultry Farming (CHicken"meat"and Layers "egg production') : I can write all day long on this topic because of the potency thereof; do you know poultry farming is one of the largest business venture in Nigeria? The reason is not far fetch; protein is an essential part of our daily diet and nutrition,w e can't afford to take it with levity, animal protein is the best of all kinds of protein, poultry seems to be the fastest way to reach this need for animal protein within the shortest possible time. In poultry business; there is almost nothing to lose, i guarantee, just yesterday i was at Koye farms in Ilorin kw/st ( A Super large egg poultry farm) and right there were the northern farmers coming to buy the poultry dungs which they are going to use to owner their own soil for a good fertilized land for a great vegatable farming, now in poultry you are going to make good money in two practical means, 1. Egg production (Layers), 2. Meat production (Broilers); you can choose which ever one you prefer, in the past times, on Greenhealthyfarm.com, we have discuss which one seems to be the most profitable between the two, you can read the article here, Nigerians eat egg daily and currently now there is no enough production level to meet the demand, because the demand is seemingly too high beyond what we can satisfy right now, that tell you the potential market that awaits you if only you will embrace poultry egg production this year, now in the case of broiler, there are two ways to it; it can be season as most people beleive and it can also be reared all year round base on the market you are targeting, next month is march after which april will be here and we will be celebrating easter, most wise farmer (like me) have started raising our own broiler which is to be sold by April for the easter festive season.

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Most broiler farmers makes huge profit during christmas and new year celebration so if you wanna go by the seasonal, then you can consider some of this festive period because the demand for them use to be high then, on the otherside, if you want to keep and raise broilers all year around every 3-3 months, then you have to secure a stable hotel, restaurants, eateries that you will be supplying them broilers chicken, and by so doing, you are going to be sure of making good profits all year round., there are big restaurant in town and they demand a lot for it, in fact that is why we still import some of this meat, but if The youths and business minded entrepreneurs can take the dare to start broilers in a bigtime scale, here is a stable market waiting to buy it. Click here to read details of how you can get started with poultry farming in proper.

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2. Pig Farming : So many Nigerians might not know the potentials that lies in pig farming, well that is why i am here to write and open your eyes to some of the riches and wealth that is right there around you, do you even know that there are many foreigners that comes into Nigeria yearly to buy Pig from Nigeria yearly? Which means some pig farmers are earning foreign exchange by their farm.
One beautiful thing about pig farming is that; to feed them doesn't cost you so much, it is easy to feed pigs, because giant pig farms uses industrial waste (brewery waste), and some major feed waste, like chaff of maize, wheat, corn and more, also pigs are monogastric animals and they convert feeds into meat better and faster, within a space of 3months, 3weeks, and 3days you can have a female pig (sow) give birth to 20 piglets, so you see that the production is mind blowing, and pigs are sold per kg, i have seen pigs listed for #75,000 and even much more based on how big they are;
Many restaurants, eateries, organisation buy pig meat (pork) in large quantity and they pay good money for it, feeding pigs is relatively cheap, easy, affordable and housing them is not that expensive as many people thinks, with a plot, a low income earner can start a pig farm with 10 Pigs or more as the case maybe and as times goes by improve it and expand it to cater for more pigs as time goes on, click here to get started with pig farming.

3.  Grasscutter Farming : Now, i know some of you are just hearing that name, well, its what some other people tend to refer to as "bigger cane rat" what give birth to grasscutter farming to be make it worthy of standing in this list is that; Nigerians over the years from various old generation to this iphone technology age (smile) as been a lover of bush neat, because they are more palatable and somehow specific in taste and people tend to love that, but here we are now, we definitely can't go for hunting in the bush again, but scientific discovery as made it possible for us to grow grasscutter at home under human care and supervision, also it is medically recommended because grasscutter contain a very low cholesterol fat level.
All of these summed together as been the major reason for the rise of Grasscutter Farming in Nigeria And do you know what over #15,000 people in Lagos Nigeria search for the keyword "grasscutter farming" on google every month and it is increasing, daily; that tell you how many people are so interested, do you know a colony of grasscutter goes for #65,000 for good breeders, i can guarantee that grasscutter farming is one of the potential farming business you can choose to start this year and make profits, to get started with grasscutter farming, you can click here.

4. Plaintain Farming : This is yet another huge cash flow in Nigeria right now, much demand as been placed on it and the market is potentially strong;  plaintain is not just a source of mineral nutrient but it is another source of vitamin and carbohydrates; there are many confectioneries that can be derive from plaintain and this is one of the many reasons it is an hotcakes in Nigeria today.
You can get started with plaintain in a fertile land with quality irrigation where necessary,a plot of land can be used for a small beginner but in plaintain business you can be sure the demand is high so there is a ready market waiting for you. To Get started with plaintain, click here.

5. Maize Farming : If there is a yearly farming that is consistently profitable every now ad then, it's gonna be maize farming, why?
Maize is an important carbohydrate in our diet, many confectioneries can be derive from it, almost every animal feeds utilize maize in their composition, maize is pretty cheap to get so its affordable for both rich and poor, cultivation of the farm land is very easy, in just 5 months or less your maize is ready for harvest; most of the beverages  industry also utilize maize infact there is no end to the usage of maize in the whole world, it can also be consumed locally, so many people in the society today are willing to get maize because of the potential it as, and this brings a business development to any maize farmers, be one of the wise nigeria farmers that will consider maize this rainy season, click here to get started.

6. Fish Farming : You will agree with me that this list is incomplete without this very one included, fish farming in Nigeria today as changed from what it use to be, catfish and tilapia are the two major kind of fish we rear in Nigeria today and the market potential is mind blowing, am telling you fish farming is a millionaire business in Nigeria, i won't hide away the fact that there are some challenges that comes with it but you must understand also that the benefits and profits margin is beyond whatsoever challenges that might be there.
Before we go further, i want you to read an article written on greenhealthyfarm.com by a farmer where he shared how he failed and later succeed in Life via fish farming; this will open your eyes to some quick facts on fish farming.
 It as been discovered that catfish farming in Nigeria can employ more than 300% of the entire youth and many other agro-related business can come forth from fish farming business, so the potential is endless, and let me shock you a little; today in Nigeria, there is no amount of fish you produce that can meet the market demand for fish right now because it is super high. It as also been proven by research that the fish industry can restore the economy of Nigeria if the governments are ready to empower the youths and potential small scale fish farming.
I have always said it that catfish farming is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria, because you can get up to 200 percent return on your capital in a year. You can start small and grow big in it. The Federal government policy in Nigeria will help serious-minded investors to explore the opportunity in fish farming – especially when policy related to ban on importation of fish is fully implemented. Also, adding value to your catfish production will earn you additional fortune. As you prepare to setup a catfish farm, plan also to setup a catfish processing unit where you can process your fish for both local and international consumption.
Also, due to many controversies on fat content of catfish, tilapia is becoming a choice of Nigerians, coupled with the fact that a ban on importation of imported fish will soon be fully implemented. Unlike catfish, tilapia can do well without animal protein. This means that the cost of production of tilapia fish per kilogram is lower compared to catfish, and the price of tilapia fish per kg is far higher than that of catfish. Click here to get started with information on how to start fish farming.
7. Cassava Farming : One special thing about cassava farming is that it can do well anywhere, and in any land, as much as we have fertile land where it can be productive and perform better, it can also do pretty fine on an averagely good soil.
 Cassava is a major raw material in Nigeria today and the use is endless, not just in food production and animal feeds, its an industrial raw material for processing and making some major home items, cassava demand is very high and you as a farmer with a free land can cultivate cassava on the land this year and make good profit from that land.
Nigeria is by far the largest producer of cassava in the world and i was previlege to be at Shonga farms in Ilorin kw/st which is the largest cassva producer farm in Nigeria, i could only see the start of the farm, i couldn't see the end. If you are looking for a good planting to do this year on your farm and make profits this year, i offer you cassava farming.

8. Rice Farming : Do you know rice is the most consumed food in Nigeria right now, apart from dangote; Nigerian generally as been banned from importing rice into the country, that will go a long way to enhance local sales of rice. Rice is one of the most bought food stuffs in Nigeria today, the chaff of the rice is yet another feed for livestock, the bran is also a rich part of livestock feeds.
A careful look at government policy will make one see clearly how rice production can make one rich. Rice is eaten daily in almost every household in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

9. Vegetable Farming : Yeah, it can't be neglected, its a substantial part of the list, when i am talking about vegetable planting, am talking about cultivating green vegetables; all kinds of leafy plants, like ugu, lettuce, jute, now that we are in a dry season, its a good time to start a small vegetable farm and irrigate them, so that it can grown fast and well, you will sell better in a time like this, because people need vegetables daily, so it is an important part of their daily meal, if you can meet their needs then you can make profits always.

10. Cattles, Sheep, Goats : We definitely can't remove this ones from the list, they are one of the richest aspect of livestock farming in Nigeria, northerners and southerners as seems to explore this aspect better than any other part of Nigeria and today when people wants to celebrate great ceremonies like marriage; they consider cattle, sheep"ram" are the major animal for sallah celebration annually.
Goat are often killed also during festive period for those who could not afford sheep and cattle, so you can't ignore them, come cattle sells for #150,000 and above.
I have personally raised ram before and i still have plans to add it to my farming project in time to come, so here you have the list of 10 from which you can choose from this year.

I wanna really be sure you have got something that is going to surely help you this year in your farming ?
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