Major Reason Why You Shouldn't have only one Source of Income

What If Something happened to that Source?

Earlier last year Our Country Nigeria started experiencing financial challenges because something happened to Our MAJOR source of income.

Oil is Nigeria's MAJOR source of income just like we all have our MAJOR sources of income.

If the demand for our Oil is LOW, CBN won't have enough Dollars to give to Bureau De Change Operators who will give same to the Importers who use it as a means of buying and importing goods from other countries.

This shortage of Dollars caused a SEVERE challenge for Importers who had to get the little available dollars at a high rate and buy their goods at a high rate too because of the conversion rate.

But the problem is that when these goods land, the selling price would leave you with little or no profit to compensate for the over 3months it your goods to move from a factory in China to either Onne port in Portharcourt or Tincan in Lagos.

What if i didn't have my Grasscutter Farming business where i teach and help people setup Grasscutter farming business, Last year would have been a DISASTER for ME.

I import Roofing Nails from China and sell to whosalers and retailers, but when the shortage of dollar issue started, I who would sell 1080 cartons in less than 3 weeks barely sold 200 cartons in 3 weeks.

How would i have taken care of my family and my personal needs if i didn't have another source of income?

Today is the second day of January 2016, I encourage you to diversify your sources of income like We always tell Nigeria.

Imagine if Major attention was given to Nigeria's exporting industry. Imagine if our Clothing and Shoe Industry is receiving the funding and attention it deserves.

If you only have one source of income currently, think of more ways you can create more income sources from this present one.

I used to Only Sell Grasscutter breeding stock to breeders and Matured Males to Consumers, but when i learnt that i could also teach more people about how to start their own Grasscutter farm for just N25,000, a new income source opened up for me, enabling me to help more people start their own portable farms and also make money doing so.

So dear Friend, Increase your sources of Income, this is what successful people and Nations do-they diversify.

It will help you achieve your financial goals faster this year, ensuring you leave more happy and fruitful in Sweet 16.

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