Pig Farming as Changed my Life - Story of Mr Femi From Morakempire Farms


So today, i got you a very interesting and inspirational story of two young men in Nigeria that got interested in agriculture and are making moves and progress, here they have their story to share, read, share and drop a comment because with this story, somebody's story too will be produce.

Agric business is a serious business if only you have Passion for it. I am so grateful to God for taking me from nobody to somebody, i also thank Him for where He is taking me and my company Morakempire Farms and Investment Ltd to. Because l can boldly tell you tonight that its not by my power but by His grace oreofenimorigba. 

Five years ago I was an errand boy In fact I had no life of my own, my future blinked cos I was unable to decide on my own.... i had challenges when i started with the money given to me by my uncle at that time, i had the challenges cos the passion for agriculture wasn't really there . 

As I was getting back on my feet another tragedy struck... Everything was taken away from me by God not man and that made me homeless for years because i put my trust in Man and not God. But the truth is Man propose but God disposes , His plan for my life was totally different from what I was pursuing which was my music career.

 At that time, my music career was the more important cos I thought that's where I will make it in life thereby putting agric business as plan b... but God' s plan was bigger than that. Immediately everything was taken away from me the passion for music shifted to agriculture and i discovered i needed little capital to be independent in the agric business so i started job hunting and I got myself a job at solcorp farm ltd , one of the biggest here in ikorodu. 

Few months later, I left solcorp farm Ltd to join Imokhai farmers initiative( NGO)in order to set up a branch for them in Lagos. I joined them cos of the passion that was building up in me for agriculture... Years later i got a job at AIICO and the training at AIICO ignited more passion in me for agriculture but few days to our induction, i quit and decided to be more focused on agriculture because my head was filled with business ideas in line with agriculture.... 

With the help of God I started with 4female grower pig and 1male, hatching and pond construction for people and I officially kick started my first investment packages mid last year and to God be the glory it gave birth to Morakempire farms and investment Ltd with 2.3 hectare of agric land at ijede for agric investment expansion. Morakempire farms and investment Ltd is now a registered company under CAC and we have come to stay in this country and it will expand to all the states in Nigeria and across the globe soon.

Some of the pictures from our Farm


 Its never too late to start... If you can think it you will surely achieve it, if only you can try that idea that is coming to you right now one day you will write a success story like mine. 

Once again I return all the glory to Almighty God for grace.

I choose to share Mr femi's success story so that it can encourage and motivate more people to venture into farming business and agricultural investment this year, save our nation and improve your own life on the longrun.

If this story as bless you, kindly share it with your friends.

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