Aims and Objectives of Teaching Health Education in Nigeria

Health Education is a very essential part of our society and make up of our well-being which must not be taken with levity; series of health hazard and outbreak has been recorded over the years and now it becomes a necessity for us to educate our own Citizen with information on how to appropriate handle their health and be informed on necessity precautions to help them stay healthy and safeguard our country from ignorance.

The primary motive of health education in Nigeria is for us to educate the public on how to manage their health; lots of Nigerians are used to misusing their health and they don’t show any care until they are break down.
With the help of health education in all sectors of our society we believe we can avert a lot of sicknesses, diseases and curb the issues of untimely death that as invaded some ignorant people in our society.

In these studies we are going to be focusing our attention on 3 major sensitive topics in health education;

1. First Aid
2. Sex Education
3. Posture.

Let pick them one by one and reflex how they can positively influence our society today;

1. First Aid : This is a very important part of our daily healthcare, first aid help us to secure instant medication in cases of emergency home accident or outbreak that needs sudden attention. 
Every home must have their first aid box intact, we can at times neglect some very essential care we ought to take when we have  little cut on our skin, but little did we know that a small cut on the skin is more than enough for all kinds of pathogens and bacteria to come in, we can’t do without first aid. 

There are some situations whereby we will not be able to access medical centers for expert intensive care, first aid can serve as a maintenance for the main time before we proceed to get the doctor’s recommendations.

Ignorant as deny so many people of their health because probably they don’t know they needed first aid or they ignore it, with health education in schools, companies, business centers, market, communities, religious gathering and more, we can reach out to those that needs first aid, and those that needs treatment, and lots more.

Lack of literal education and especially about health is still found in many local government and villages so with health education we can reach out to all those areas and fix what is wrong there.

Some local communities also suffers diseases outbreak issues, most of which can be dealt with at the early stage when it breaks out but when there are no health specialists around to detect them, people tend to lose their lives and it begins to transfer through communication and transportation but with health education all of these can be detected and necessary steps like prevention and cure can be put in place.

2. Sex Education : This is yet another very essential topic we must take serious in our society today as many people have been infected with so many STDs due to unhealthy sex, this is common among youth in the society, young boys and girls engaging in unhealthy sex at tender age due to some many reasons that were not treated and it as lead to so many disaster in the society.

As the saying goes “Youths are the future of the nation and leaders of tomorrow’ we can’t afford to fold our arms and watch the youth mess themselves up, risk and even lose their lives to unhealthy sex, most of this can be trace down to maturity and puberty however, it is important that we appropriately orient them with sex education, it has been discovered that when we don’t tell the youth the right thing, they are most often told the wrong things by friends and pear influences and it can lead them astray and distract them away from their destination.

SEX Education today is needed at all levels especially areas that are dominated by youth, like schools both primary and secondary, business centers, companies, youth service centers, religious body and lots more.
Over the years, STDs has been one major disease that cost youth so much and even to their own lives.

Premature sex is so common today, we can assume the parents are not educating their children about sex at all or they fail to tell them the danger that it brings, so the health educationists are the only survival means for the youth of this generation, premature sex is also rampant in the higher institution today and we can’t afford to ignore the hazards.

Some of the medium by which this can successfully carried out Is through seminars, orientation programs, magazines on healthcare issues.

We’ve found some team that distribute condoms to youths in schools but I don’t think that is the best means, of all the options we have, abstinence is still the best, most people felt that is impossible but we can educate them on how to achieve it, even if condom will be distributed there must be cautions and instructions.

Health educationists can take it upon themselves to orient youths on healthy relationship, how to avoid premarital sex, how to avoid STDs, benefits of sex, the right time and age for sex, and important precautions and cautions before, after and during sex.

Negligence can be destructive in this situation, sex is far beyond emotions and some ladies as ran into serious addiction as a result of uncontrolled sex which has mastered them today and it makes them vulnerable to all kinds of sickness and diseases.

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