First Time in Lagos State Nigeria: My Experience About This Great City

It’s a nice time for me to eventually travel to Lagos State Nigeria. After spending more than 20years in Kwara State Nigeria, I decided to visit this awesome state.
I have always wanted be in Lagos I have not been chanced, but this time; it eventually happen.

Wow! Just 3days in Lagos, I have a whole lot of things to say about it; first of all, my write up about this part of the world as proven to be true for me and the mentality and understanding I have about the state has really been true.

Lagos is an awesome place to be, I can testify to that, but first of all my observation was that The state is so orderly and more of industrial than commercial, commercial activities are going on but the industrial strength of the city is strong!

Ouhh! I have a lot to say and to write about this state, its really one of the most relevant portion of Nigeria with so many features and varieties.

The first thing I saw was that except you are the lazy type, you are not expected to be broke here in lagos, there are too many things you can do to make money in Lagos state.

I saw how a lot of people are buying and selling goods and rendering services, right from Ishagamu, to Berger, I saw all kinds of business activities which majorly are transportation business, food and agriculture.

Many people make good money not less than #5,000 per day by merely selling cold pure water and drinks on the street (I bought a drink and one for my friend; Israel Elijah DC ), we had a nice time but I was very busy looking around the entire city. 

Many businesses are surviving in lagos and there is more of self-employment whereby youths and men engage in various kind of businesses. 

I also saw some cattle range in the city and markets for livestocks like sheep and goat, chicken, snails, beef and much more.

I am also grateful to God for spiritual investment that as been made in Lagos that is largely contributing to the growth and development of the land, I saw firstly the redeemer University, I also saw the Mountain of Fire (MFM) Prayer city (which I have seen the picture and video those days at power must change hands in Ilorin Kwara state when we connect to lagos).

I was going to attend Canaanland, Faith Tabernacle and be under Papa’s blessed ministration and prophetic atmosphere, all this spiritual infrastructures is one of the ways by which we send the devil out of any land and according to the archbishop Benson Idahosa, when we successfully send the devil (the enemy and power of darkness by bringing the gospel and establishing the kingdom of Christ in a land) out of town and bring Jesus into a city, The land is bless and prosperity and opportunities abounds.

I have seen many other churches too and I bless God for their great impact I the land.

Lagos is more than awesome, if I live here, then there is whole lot of money to be made; I can also say the government are seriously working even though the land is clumsy despite, their land and city layout is great!

So many bridges and construction have been done and many is still in progress, I have eaten lot of varieties like carrot, and many other fruits, some of the funny situations includes, the carrot seller that is seriously eating water melon,  hawking of boiled maize (corn) and coconut.

I really will spend some of my business sessions in the shores of lagos as time goes by, develop some business there and build a strong marketing network here.

I realize fresh afrm products sells faster here than anywhere else in Nigeria, so I can always bring some fresh food stuffs from Oyo state into Lagos and make good cash.

If you’re in lagos and you’re still broke, then you must check yourself.

Infrastructures are at its best right in Lagos, I saw a poultry farm that is located in a perfect site and I was so compel to visit it.  

 I also visited Obasanjo farms today, but I was told I can’t come in because the management doesn’t give room for individual, public or schools to come in and see the farm activities again, I wonder why they do this, even to just enter the reception, you must be a customer that wants to buy something, but I saw those large acre of land and I was so impressed, he only told me incase I needed consultancy on any issue, I can come around and a specialist will attend to me.

There is nothing that doesn’t sell in Lagos, except what people don’t need, but as long as people are in need,  then you can make so much money with this in lagos, target whatsoever people need and supply them while they pay you good money in return for your delivery.

Food stuffs like snacks, small chop, doughnut, puff puff, vegetables, pop-corn and so on are highly demanded here and so you must look into the economy very well and see what can fetch you good money in Lagos State Nigeria.
If you are looking for lucrative businesses to start in lagos and make money, then search no more, I have written an article on that already, click here to read it.

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