How To Bake Cake Without an Oven

I learnt everything about Baking without an oven from the only school that counts – “The school of Hard Knocks”. Thanks to the epileptic power supply and also being a typical Nigerian, learning to be innovative with ideas wasn’t a difficult task.

Now this method of baking without an oven is a method I've used over a gazillion times especially in the village where electricity and gas are scarce. The good thing about this method is, you wouldn't have to be bothered about power failure or having to open the electric oven door while the baking is going on in event of Nepa/Phcn magic as it could spell doom for the cake. Plus, it’s a very good way to save gas ;). 

The difference between this new pot baking method and the conventional Pot baking method with sand is there is no sand involved. I don’t know if it’s just me but sand makes whatever is being baked have a funny dusty taste. 

1 aluminum pot (An old one preferably)

1 Flat aluminum plate or Baking pan

• Queen cake cups

• A Stove / Gas / Electric cooker

Step 1: Place the pot on the burner ( Stove, Gas or electric cooker) and reduce to medium heat

Step 2: Turn the aluminum plate upside down and place in the pot if you are making large “whole” cakes. If you want to make cupcakes like in the pictures, you would have to substitute the Aluminum plate for a clean baking pan to get a larger surface area.

Step 3: Line your Queen cup cake pans with Baking Sheets. If you don't have baking sheets, you can simply grease the cup cake pans with little margarine and dust with flour. This would make the cakes come out easily once done. Scoop your batter into the cupcake pans.

Step 4: Place the cupcakes on top of the overturned baking pan and cover the pot.

Step 5: While baking, DON’T open the pot as this would make the cakes collapse. Only open when the baking time elapses (One sure way to know if the cake is ready is when the aroma starts filtering out).

Step 6: Here's the recipe for these chocolate raisin cupcakes i made. Also, subscribe to my RSS feeds, Like this page on facebook or bookmark this blog so you don't miss juicy  posts ;)
This is how the chocolate raisin cupcakes looked after icing.
Kitchen Notes:
• This method can be used for any type of baking.

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  1. Baking without a heat source? I'm yet to get it please....


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