Miss Swaziland Ayanda Dube's Moringa Plant Project

Miss Swaziland Ayanda Dube will engage the Ministry of Health as she continues with her Moringa plant project.

The queen said she was, at the moment, consulting with medical experts and organisations on the project, after which she will then engage the Health ministry.

Our sister publication, Swazi News, quoted Director of Health Dr Simon Zwane as saying the plant had not been scientifically proven as a medicinal herb with the capability to cure illness. Government has warned that it will "apply natural justice on people marketing Moringa as a herb capable of curing illnesses".


"I think a lot of people need to be educated about the use of Moringa," said Dube. "This plant is not a substitute for medication but a supplement," she said.

"Therefore, before people even consider taking Moringa they should consult their doctor and not take Moringa just because they are sick," the queen explained.

Dube launched her Moringa Oleifera project on June 12, 2012. 
This was a major project she was preparing to take to the Miss Universe contest as part of her profile. She had partnered with the Swaziland Investment Promotion Authority (SIPA).

During the launch the plant was described as offering hope nutritionally, medically and economically. The queen’s interest in the plant is to promote the planting of Moringa in every homestead as well as to promote the greater consumption of Moringa to improve nutrition and strengthen immune functions for fighting infectious diseases.

"Meanwhile Miss Swaziland and SIPA are working on availing Moringa to all underprivileged families.

To the members of the public we kindly request that you support this wonderful project that will go towards improving the lives of our people and the economy of our beautiful kingdom," reads part of Miss Swaziland’s project brochure.


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