Pig Farming : Pork Meat Processing and Sales Business in Nigeria.

Not everybody can rear pig because there are individual differences and some don't just like he fact that the animal can be hostile at times, while others felt; they don't like the smell and noise, for whatsoever reason you feel you can not raise pigs, no problem, but I am sure you can eat nice pork?

Pork is one of the most delicious and palatable meat in the world, very tender and good for health as a source of animal protein and fat.

Recently i travelled and i discover that some smart pig farmers are now making more money in their business by giving it a better approach and mentality, 

Do You Know what they did?

They decided to slaughter their pig and make the meat available for sales both at the carcass and cooked pork, what i was told was that, the raw meat are sold on Saturday since they know people are preparing for the weekend, but with wisdom since they have secured the saturday sales, they decided to grow into making pork available daily at  a processed, cooked and especially fried form and people can buy that easily, sine it is very cheap,. just #50 to #100 naira per one fried pork.

Now i choose to write about it because, where i saw it been done, its the first of it kind there and since society love new positive inventions, i felt within myself, this is another superb business for pig farmers or does who might have interest in it.

To see how the fried pork looks like; check the pictures below.

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