Steps to Making "Million" Profits From Your Catfish Business in Nigeria

Hello Great Nigeria Fish Farmers, today i bring you a very handy and transforming information that most of you guys really need so bad.

Its a pity the rate at which people are packing out from fish farming business in Nigeria especially catfish farming and this can be traced down to lack of knowledge and quality information, most of the victims just jump into fish faring without knowing what it is all about and what is expected of them before they started and how they can channel their way into making huge profits.

But today i will be opening your eyes to how some People in this same Nigeria are actually making such a huge profits from this same venture and how you can be the next.

1. Be Passionate About What You Do : You have to come to the understanding that unlike other kind of farming, fish are down the line underneath the water so you are not seeing them and you are sure they are growing or not, the only way to ensure their growth is to take care of them appropriately and give the necessary attention per time.

If you are not passionate about business growth and profits realization from your business venture don't even consider fish farming in the first place, they are not like other animals you can go a day off without feeding and nothing will happen, even right before you feed yourself, your fish must be fed.

Plan your day, budget and expenses in such a way that it will not affect your business, take care of your fish early in the morning, observe all that is necesary like the; pond water, the fishes, the feeds, the reactions of the fish and so on.

2. Strategically Layout Your Plans : Business survive on planning and fish farming business is not excepted, you need to strategically layout plans that is the only way you can survive the test of time, look into the future and not just the presence, now i will explain that in details.

If you are raising a fish pond for 6month business sales, then look ahead into that 6month and see the quality of the sales power that will be by then, don't overstock beyond what your power can handle.

Most fish farmers makes this mistake at the early stage of starting up, they overstock the pond with fishes they can not feed from day 1 to 6month old, this is a dangerous mistake and it can cost you so much,a  good farmer can stock enough fish towards the December season knowing fully well that by then, their will such a huge demand for fish in the market.

Dry season are not encouraging time to stock so much fish, if peradventure you have to stock then, it must be little unless you have all the needed resources at your disposal.

3. Cut Your Expenses and Spending : Am about to give you an expensive wisdom towards the success of your fish farming business venture in Nigeria, you see as the situation in the country is right now, everything is going up and down as the case maybe, and we need to employ wisdom, what i want to encourage here is to buy things in buck, if you know your fish will require a particular ingredient or feed formulation, why not buy it in buck now that is still affordable before it skyrockets again.

4. Develop an Effective Marketing Skill : It is one thing to produce your fish, its another thing to market it, what you don't market can be liken to you looking at yourself in a mirror, you are the only one that know what you are doing, so if you want the world to know about it, then you have to do some marketing.

Meet up with other farmers, buyers and fellow sellers, negotiate appropriate, bridge an agreement, process your fish, you don't have to sell it at he table size, you can go further to process like dry or smoke it.

That will even preserve it and you can decide to export it too if you have the capacity.

 5.  Always Adhere to Best Practices in Fish Farming : This is yet another very important factor if you must have success in your fish farming venture, you must adhere to the most important practices in fish farming, and someone may want to ask me; Greenhealthyfarm, what are the best practices in fish farming?
Here are some of them,

- Do not overstock.
- Do not stock bad seeds (this means stock only quality and healthy juvenile)
- Do not overfeed the fishes
- Do not underfeed your fishes
- Manage Your water resources effectively
- Ensure quality feeds are made available to your fish on a regular basis.

Here are some of the tips to having success in your fish farming business, making profit in fish farming venture is more than a possibility, it is practically possible, because fish farming is one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria today, as long as you have the quality information at hand and you engage it, you can be sure of making your own millions too.

I wish you all the best in your fish farmer endeavor.

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