Agidi Jollof With Coconut Cream Powder and Biscuit Bone

Agidi jollof with coconut cream powder and biscuit bones
This agidi jollof is made from biscuit bones and stock, raw akamu (corn starch), tomato stew, and coconut cream

powder. It looks inviting and tasty too. 

I did not add crayfish to this. If you need to add crayfish to yours, stir fry the crayfish with onions before adding to the pot. 

There was no left over because everybody that tasted this agidi asked for more. 
There were too many oliver Twists around.

Agidi can be cooked plain and served with stew or  cooked as agidi jollof.
 agidi lollof
coconut cream powder and a can of liquid coconut milk
empty coconut milk powder into a bowl 
pour milk in a bowl and add water
add tomato stew
tomato stew and coconut milk boil

boil biscuit bones with salt onions and pepper before adding
add boiled biscuit bones and stock to boiling  milk and stew
biscuit bones boil in stock and stew
boiling pot with raw akamu (corn starch) beside
pour raw ogi, corn starch (akamu) in the  boiling pot while stirring fast
  • corn starch (akamu)
  • coconut milk
  • stew
  • biscuit bones
  • onion
  • crayfish (optional)
  • pepper
  • salt
  • seasoning cubes
  • water
Check for salt and seasoning, stir briskly until akamu cooks in the stew
scoop and wrap while still hot
wrapped agidi jollof
For step by step pictures of how to wrap agidi or moi moi, Go HERE 

Cooking Procedure:
  1. Boil biscuit bones with onion, salt and fresh ground pepper
  2. Boil coconut milk with stew, add seasoning
  3. Mix raw corn starch with cold water and add to coconut milk while stirring fast to avoid lumps
  4.  Stir continuously and check for salt
  5. When corn starch is cooked, turn of heat and begin to wrap immediately. Scoop together with bones, pour in broad leaves and wrap.
agidi jollof with biscuit bone
agidi jollof and agidi plain sit side by side
smooth, warm, tasty agidi jollof
 After wrapping, leave to cool a little before enjoying yourself.

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