Grasscutter Farming : How They Feed

When grasscutters eat they don't eat from the floor with their mouths as in pigs or goats but rather they pick the food with their mouth and while holding it with their fore limbs eat with their mouth.

This is why their concentrate should be pelleted as opposed to mash form.

Mo'Agro farms has produced a grasscutter pellets for a balanced diet for your grasscutters. Research shows that pellets are more convenient to eat and increases feed conversion by animals. Grasscutters don't eat much of it but the little they eat is enough to balance their diet. A handful is enough for one colony per day.

It's cheap too at N500 (five hundred naira) per Kg

To buy your grasscutter pellets with all the required nutrients and ingredients in the appropriate proportion call or whatsapp 08060043692.

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