How To Make Coconut Carrot Salad

Coconut carrot salad is fast and easy to make. The only work involved is washing and peeling off

carrot skin, then shredding with the shredding part of a grater.

I enjoyed mine without dressing. Gave my Oga at the top Hubby with Italian dressing while the kids asked to eat theirs with Heinz salad cream. I would have loved to eat this with jollof rice but there was none at home.
Well, the  Next time I cook jollof or fried rice, I may just add a little of this to my already cooked rice and stir before removing from heat.

Eating this
salad without dressing was fun, although it reminded me of coleslaw, the taste is so different and yum.I enjoyed the taste of coconut and carrots together and may also add this to my coconut rice.
Well shredded coconut and carrots
Carrot coconut salad
Salad with Italian dressing
Salad without dressing
Crunchy coconut carrot salad with Heinz salad dressing
The left over was kept in the refrigerator and served chilled. Sprinkle some raisins for more sweetness.

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