How To Make Nigerian Catfish Pepper Soup "The Point and Kill"

   Catfish Pepper Soup a.k.a ''point and kill'' is another delicious Nigerian Pepper soup recipe. It is one of my favorite comfort food and is also easy to prepare.

   Catfish Pepper Soup is called 'point and kill'', because of how the fish is picked up at the local Nigerian market

   At the market, you'll be told to point out your fish of choice from a large bowl of tight swimming fishes; the catfish is then killed, wrapped up for you and ready for the kitchen.

 Interesting right?☺...Enjoy!

Ingredients for Catfish Pepper Soup(Point & Kill) Soup:

* 1 medium sized Catfish.
(use conger eel as substitute if you can't find catfish)
* 2 spoonful Ground pepper soup spices  
* Habanero/Chilli Pepper/ (to taste)
* 2 teaspoonful Dry Uziza/basil leaves (optional)
* 1 tablespoonful of ground Crayfish
*1 large Stock cube /1 tablespoon seasoning powder
*1 medium Onion bulb(chopped)
* Salt - to taste
*Water (as needed)



*  Wash the catfish with lime juice or scrub with salt to remove the slimy/slippery coating on its skin. Then rinse thoroughly and cut into smaller pieces.

* Place in a pot, add enough water to cover the catfish, add onions, stock cube and salt to taste. Cook for 10 minutes .

*After 10 minutes, add the ground pepper, ground crayfish  and the  ground pepper soup spices, mix thoroughly and cook until the catfish is done cooking.

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* Add the uziza or basil leaves and simmer for 30 seconds.  Serve hot and enjoy.

Nigerian Catfish Pepper Soup(Point & Kill)  can be enjoyed alone as a side dish, or served as a meal, with boiled plantains, Eko (agidi), Agidi jollof, boiled yams and potatoes.

Catfish Pepper Soup, NIGERIAN Catfish Pepper Soup, nigerian pepper soup, nigerian food tv

Enjoy your meal.

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